View Full Version : Raceday August 26th in Reading PA...

2012.08.08, 03:24 PM
Hope this date works for most of us! Post if you can make it.

PM me if you need directions. We open up at 10am, run til 5pm or whenever.

2012.08.08, 04:45 PM
im good!! i need to get on my batteries..

2012.08.08, 07:27 PM
Should be good!:)

2012.08.15, 04:46 AM
I'm coming, hide your women and children

2012.08.15, 09:27 AM
It's alive!!! ALIVE!!!! :D

Missed seeing your little stickman immolation animation!

2012.08.15, 11:57 AM
Holly $h!t!........:D

2012.08.16, 07:47 AM
bring some of your stuff for sale gasman. i think i want the other white body vette.

2012.08.16, 12:30 PM
I think you're too late Quinn... I think he off-loaded it all already.

Good news from Larry, you guys will see when you get here!

Hey Justin... you still able to make it? Should be a real good day of racing!

2012.08.16, 04:58 PM
well suhcks, i forgot to take it that day he was in visiting! i still havent got to airbrush the one i have.

2012.08.16, 07:20 PM
well suhcks, i forgot to take it that day he was in visiting! i still havent got to airbrush the one i have.

OK Quinn...get to it!;):D

2012.08.18, 09:37 AM
i need an airbrush kit. found a nice one on amazon....dont have the money for it. i started cycling my batteries. im just using a bulb to discharge them what voltage should i take them off or stop them at.

2012.08.18, 12:00 PM
Around 0.9 seems to be the norm.

2012.08.19, 12:23 PM
0.9volts. i was just stopping them when they got to atleast 5.0v then i went to 4.5v. that was on friday. im going tot do more this week

2012.08.21, 08:09 AM
I won't be able to make it this weekend, only 3 weeksends left till the car show and my cars still in pieces so that's what ill bar doing this month then I'm on vacation almost everyweekend next month so ill prolly be back in October

2012.08.21, 09:03 AM
Can't you just load the parts on a trailer and show them? Most car guys should be able to picture how it will all go together!


2012.08.21, 09:29 AM
Sometimes I wish lol, but its also my way to the show in ocmd

2012.08.21, 09:36 AM
Well, pop some pics on here when you get her done.

2012.08.21, 11:30 AM
Will do, if anyone is interested I will have one of my 03 up for sale within in the week( bought new gun so I need some cash back lol)

2012.08.24, 05:26 PM
hey larry, if you have an extra rear LM motor pod. canyou bring it with sunday. iwas at my friends garage doing my batteries, i was showing someone the lm car and driving it for him...but then i hit a bump or a rock..something idk what i looked and it was cracked.

thnk you

2012.08.24, 07:48 PM
Quinn...no problem.
I might have a new guy comming...ill know tomorrow.

2012.08.25, 09:32 AM
thanks larry!

2012.08.25, 11:01 PM
I've heard there may be another ex-club member that may make an appearance tomorrow as well... this could get interesting. :D

Track is swept and ready to go! Bridge is opened up too! No more backroad detours, but I was kind of getting used to the quiet outside.

If for some reason parking gets tight, there's no problem if you have to park out front on the grass or up on my neighbors property.

2012.08.25, 11:33 PM
Thanks for heads up on bridge.

2012.08.26, 08:09 AM
i got tanner to come down as well. if he text me to tell me when to meet him, i tiold him the road is opened up so maybe he can just come up with out meeting me.

2012.08.26, 07:39 PM
Good tune/racing today. Good to see Dave (GASMAN) back.:)

2012.08.26, 10:57 PM
Real surprise seeing Frank again too! Hope he brings his gear over next time so we can get him fetted up!

I'm definitely going to tear down some F1s and get more in line with the less is more theory. Funny how you can drive one the day before and it's near perfect, only to have the setup fade away like that. Meanwhile, my Jordan loosened the motor mount to the point of almost falling off, and it was barely even noticeable.

The bumpers are cool, but the aluminum is like hard taffy... pretty sure it's 2024-T3. Still better than nothing though!

Thanks again guys!

2012.08.27, 04:58 PM
WOOHOO, ill come get my F1 the next time we race. should be a new car....and i have something planned for the death mobil paintjob

2012.08.29, 08:50 AM
By the looks of the thing, it just may have to be a new car by the time I'm done with it.

Dethmobile paint scheme is fine... as long as death is represented with fantastically bright colors as opposed to flat black.

2012.08.29, 05:48 PM
yeah, i can get some bright colors.