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2012.08.11, 10:25 PM
So I picked up my MR-03 Porsche 906 last night. I decided to put it together this afternoon. I test drove it around for 3 mins without the body it handled well, got curious, so I added the rear shock. I then drove it around for 2 mins then car started to slow down. When I picked up the car the batteries on the would be driver side were smoking hot. It even melted some of the chassis. I had drove the car harder the first time. Now it will only creep when I squeeze throttle. New batteries, flat surface, checked gear mess, checked for nothing binding, and not new to the hobby. So has this happen to you?

2012.08.11, 11:13 PM
return it for an exchange. it's that or spend more time and possibly money to repair it.

but yes, i've had that happen to a brand new chassis i setup for lm, all stock and it would slow after a couple minutes. had the fets replaced and works like a charm now.

2012.08.11, 11:21 PM
Sound like a short-circuit on that side of the battery tray. Check the connections on the entire chassis (but the hot side in particular) for any shorts.

2012.08.12, 10:50 AM
ah, the batteries heating up on one side is a good clue, as felix suggests, check the cables going to that side. you should be able to see it all just by taking the parts off vs. trying to fix it which will cause problems if you try to return it. i don't advise attempting any repairs unless you feel confident you can repair it yourself. you don't want to cause any warranty issues with botched self repairs.

2012.08.12, 12:10 PM
I looked over the car without taking it a part and found no kind of outside short. I going to send it back and see what they will do for me. I'm sure its in the ESC side of the board. I know I could repair it, just a little up set that I only got 6 mins on the car. Thank for the help.

2012.08.12, 03:16 PM
you can take it apart, just don't attempt electrical repairs if you think you'll be sending it in for warranty issues. i'm assuming the average user does not have a quality soldering setup and skills to make clean and right repairs to electrical components. many of the racing drivers will or know someone in their group that does.

2012.08.12, 05:40 PM
I had more time this afternoon, so I went ahead and pulled the cover off the board. Looks ok with no loose or broken wires. Not going to pull the board out, just going to send it back. I will call on Monday.

2012.08.12, 10:26 PM
hope it works out for you... let us know what happens... :D

2012.08.23, 08:21 PM
Warrantied! New board, New motor, and chassis. Two thumbs up for kyosho! Sent it out last Monday and due back this Friday! :D

2012.08.24, 06:45 AM
glad to hear that went smoothly. let us know how it works out when it arrives.

2012.09.01, 10:22 PM
Hit the track twice and no issues! Now just tuning and hop-up'$.....

2012.09.07, 08:24 AM
Thats strange , more weight , more power consumption, more power consumption, more heating up problem , or you may have an old battery having some problem.