View Full Version : McAfee SiteAdvisor Warning

2012.08.14, 08:22 PM
you may want to check your website. email notices from the forum get warnings even.

McAfee SiteAdvisor Warning
This e-mail message contains potentially unsafe links to these sites:

your website gets blocked as well

Warning: Suspicious Site

Are you sure you want to go there?
http://zround.com/ may be risky to visit.

2012.08.15, 01:04 AM
I get to two different pages, depending on whether or not I put www. in front of zround.com

Without the www it goes to http://www.se arc hremag nified.com/Round_Function.cfm?domain=zround.com
(spaces added to break link)

With the www, I go to the correct page. This is both in Firefox and Chrome, probably a DNS issue.

Try this: http://www.zround.com


2012.08.31, 11:13 PM
The security system being used for www.zround.com has false positives. Web admin should review the security log and see if clean IPs are still considered "dirty". Many home broadbands reuse IPs and thus previous "dirty" IPs once logged in the system will stay there until review. No security system runs autonomously without problem. General administration is still needed to keep the system function normally. Otherwise, you will be preventing a lot of clean users from visiting your website. Just my 2 cents.