View Full Version : Audi R8 LMS Repaint

2012.08.16, 06:19 AM
Hi ,I'm new for this forum. This is my new body that I just got it last week.
But there a couple guys at my local track running the same body & color as me.
That make me confused when I was running with them. So I decided to repaint it to the color that specificity to me. Hope you like it. I'll update it again

2012.08.16, 06:42 AM
Really nice color and finish. What color is that?

2012.08.16, 12:45 PM
looks fantastic!

what type of paint did you use?

2012.08.16, 01:40 PM
Great job on the painting and color selection. Color looks very similar to a murcilago I did years ago. it was a burnt orange pearl Metalic.


2012.08.17, 08:18 PM
Hi bozz welcome to the forums. Nice paint job. I visited bangkok a couple of months ago. Where do you guys run? Is there a local mini-z racetrack over there? If i'm not mistaken I've also read that there's a big race sometime in November.

2012.08.19, 11:26 AM
Wow, great color!!! :)

2012.08.19, 11:47 AM
Reminds me of FT86:D
nice colour anyway:)