View Full Version : Helios with steering balance problem

2012.08.19, 04:48 PM

I have a minor issue with one of my spare radios. It is an EX10 Helios and it has an issue with adjusting the steering balance. When you turn the wheel to pick a direction to adjust the balance one direction (left I think) doesn't register.

While its not a huge concern, one of the cars I use (MR02 with an 03 board) requires programming a higher steering balance percentage so with one direction stuck at 70% I have to set the steering travel to 140 to get a full lock in both directions.

Is this a problem or have I figured out a suitable solution without having the balance setting?

2012.08.21, 12:46 PM
Perform the Adjust VR function. You have to finish both the steering (ST) and the throttle (TH) sets for the settings to take effect. If you cannot finish either step of the function, then the pot is damaged and will need to be serviced.

2012.08.21, 02:00 PM
thanks for the info, one of our racers is having this issue as well.

2012.08.21, 10:14 PM
adjust VR recalibration worked like a charm....i now get steering balance adjustment both left and right!:D

Thanks so much, KO!