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2012.08.20, 08:29 PM
Hey I have an AWD with a plethora of upgrade parts, pretty much everything is either pn or Atomic on it, and I was wondering if anybody uses AWD's to race. I have read a lot of on how to make your 03 a viable racer. But it doesn't seem like that many people race the AWD. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems the majority of racers use the 03.
I know that people still use the AWD to drift and people hop them up just as they would any other car but why is it that the AWD isn't the preffered racing vehicle? Because to me I have the 02, 03 and AWD all 2.4ghz, and the AWD seems to hanndle better. The 03 and 02 both have pn motor mounts, bearings, springs, disc dampers, ball diffs, and so does the AWD.
I know I went a bit off topic but to sum it up I understand that the 03 is preffered over the AWD but why?
P.S. I am new so if anything I said is incorrect please point it out as I am still learning.

2012.08.21, 07:14 AM
To me MA-010 suffers from high center of gravity and high weight. Add the heavy 4wd transmission and the elephant is there :D
The fact is that I am trying to prove myself from some time, that MA-010 is race-worthy. But every time my MR-03 handles better and is faster on the track than my MA-010.

2012.08.21, 09:44 AM
Majority of racers on here are on RCP and that seems to take the edge away from AWDs. Now if it was a race on carpet or Ozite, I would think the AWDs would have an advantage (and definitely on a hardwood floor!).

But, as with any AWD there is more maintenance and parts to buy. With the 2WDs, I just seem to get more bang for the buck.

2012.08.21, 10:28 AM
I raced my AWD in the recent http://www.miniz.ws/
Our Track is RCP and it got podium in the 1st event. ;)
Yes, its a bitch to setup at 1st, but once you got it, it puts down the power really well where the 2wd cannot cope,especially with mod motors.

I have tried to get some answers before starting AWD, but there is really lack of racers on them here.
Let picture do the talking:

2012.08.21, 12:06 PM
With the right tuning and the right driver, anything is fast. AWD does come to life a bit more in Mod Class, but in stock it seems that the power isn't enough for them.

To try to prove my point, the results between these classes from the 2008 PNWC:


In Stock, the 2WDs were getting more laps than the Stock AWDs. The Mean Lap Times were lower for the 2WDs too. In Mod, the 2WDs and AWDs were closer in laps completed.

And I'm not trying to shoot the AWDs down at all here, I like running them too! I am blown away everytime I check out some AWDs and what some racers have done to them. Honestly... to me they are much cooler than the 2WDs. It's just that they have seemed to fall by the wayside lately. In HFAY OLPS... they run AWD and 2WD together, I'm not sure if there is any advantage to either one.

2012.08.22, 08:44 AM

The MA-010 is both a great machine but is very-needy and demanding ... parts break often, more maintenance, more things to go wrong/fail during a race. The AWD weight is heavier, even when brought to its lightest it can't get to $175g with body like the MR03 can.

You have a lot of drivetrain parts, and a lot of drivetrain bearings. It is critical to use the best, free-est spinning , least-friction bearings possible if you want the best performance. #1 is to clen your bearings so they spin with hardly any friction, and that goes for all 14 of them (4xDiff bb's, 8x wheel bbs, and 2x center-driveshaft(<Critical).

Not just bearings, the MA-010 isn;t direct-drive like the MR02/03, so you have more gear mesh to worry about keeping and maintaining perfect mesh.
#2 is make sure your mesh is smooth, quiet, and as effortless as possible. Without a motor in it, the MA010 should roll easily and freely with only the slightest bit of air blown at the chassis.

The battery tray being on one side makes the COG something of a challenge to get to be nimble and this is where MR03's eat up the MA010 > In the infield and when the track you're running on generates enough traction making 2WD very efficient at putting power to the ground. Direction-changes will be a little slower with the AWD with it's high COG. But with the suspension setup perfect, and proper weight placement on the chassis to get a more you can get more nimbleness and excellent stability.

I have heard conflicting views about the AWD's speed on say a PNWC size layout... If traction is not 100% optimal for 2WD,and rarely it is 100% perfect, the MA-010 should out-perform the 2WD in getting power to the ground. But in order to make up for the less-efficient drivetrain, a MOD motor is going to be needed.

All in all, with the right Mod motor, and the right time and setup, I am a believer in the MA-010. I believe it can be just as fast if not faster than any 2WD MR015/02/03 out there. Just NOT in EVERY Scenario. But I stand by the AWD, it is a LOT more work to run, keep-up & maintain, and more $$ to upgrade/repair; But the MA-010 is very race-worthy IMO and I would love to see some real OPEN-Class motor Expert races where more pilots trusted their MA-010 (Like a few years back).

The MR03 is no-doubt a beast, but a properly set-up/tuned AWD.... I just see more advantages for winning with the AWD. Just my 2 Cents... Everyone out there who still believes in the AWD let's hear your stories, I'd love to read some MA-010 success stories:D