View Full Version : Newbie from SC

2012.08.21, 06:44 AM
Hola all, i'm pretty green to the r/c world. i've dabbled, but i'm sure this is/will be the first time i get full involved in r/c's because it involves something i love, racing, and has the tuning, upgrading capabilities similar to that a vehicle. seeing as though i've frivilously dropped unnecessary amounts of money into vehicles, this will be a GREAT outlet for me..not to mention being able to race and then be able to go home w/o worrying if my car is going to make it home after beating on it all day :D

I picked up my own MR03 (Honda HSV body) from Landon at Let's Go Racing in the Myrtle Beach Mall this pass friday w/ a used, but in great condition Kyosho EX 5UR. I'd like to get in a couple more runs with my stock setup to try to up my driving skills before i start upgrading parts just because it's available.

Prior to purchasing my own i ran my friends MR03 and a couple of LeMans MR02s...anyway...seeing as though i'm not new to forums, hopefully i'll use the search button more than starting unnecessary threads.

This is my piece :D