View Full Version : ATTN: Los Angeles Mini Z'ers

2002.08.06, 02:37 PM
Let me know if you all want to meet up. I'm trying to get the mini Z scene rolling. There might be a future race event or for fun at a nearby shop. Let me know if interested.

2002.08.07, 08:40 AM
Hey whats happening NML ...
Its too bad I moved before we got to hook up wit the mini-z action. I was looking forward to that. Well Lil' bro still lives in Socal so I'm sure its in the cards.

You should go visit PG964 in MV, show him a thing or two.

ah-ite then. .


2002.08.07, 10:32 AM

It only gets better man. I have PG964 in mind. When Breeze gets it together, I'll let PG964 know in advance, so we can all meet up.

Yeah, I heard that you relocated. Hope it's better for you. I still look forward to the day we meet man! You and your bro are cool cats.

I still have the ABC DTM 56 mph car. when we meet there will be more interesting things to see. I am working on a 45 mph Mini Z. If not, 40 to start.

Hope to see you soon bro.