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2012.08.24, 10:38 PM
Hi guys,

I came across this Enzo Ferrari Black. Have you guys ever seen one like this ? is it a special edition ? The wheels seem like the ones on the FXX but the paper on the back I never seen on any enzo ferrari...




2012.08.25, 01:35 AM
Take a look at the paperwork? I have never heard of this variant existing, at least not in the US. Japan gets some favored treatment by Kyosho Japan sometimes...

2012.08.25, 08:08 AM
Yeah I know but it is not in my hands :-) I'm suspecting that it is just a Black Enzo (which is rare dont get me wrong) w/ FXX wheels and some Diecast paper on the back.

2012.08.25, 09:45 AM
i agree with brian, we would need to see details like the tape dots, insert card/bard code/branding to tell if this was legit. offhand, i'd just say it's a nice display piece someone setup.

2012.08.27, 09:33 PM
i remember that... it's really super rare... japan only release.... not... :D

i've actually done the same thing (put the enzo ferrari w/ signature paper on the back of the autoscale case) except on my red enzo autoscale...

that piece of paper came out with the initial release of the mr02 ready set... i kept it for some time and figured that it would look good in the back of an enzo autoscale case (when they eventually came out with one)... i'll try to post a pic of mine...

as for the rims... i've got the same thoughts as you all... most likely fxx rims...

pretty cool find... not too cool if the guy is trying to sell it and pass it off as an authentic kyosho release...

2012.08.29, 04:30 AM
here are the pics i promised...


this is what the piece of paper looks like...

i unfortunately taped it to this... :o

2012.08.29, 07:37 PM
Nice pictures Herman :-) Just like the one I saw :-)

2012.08.30, 05:52 AM
no problemo kyoshosan.... where did you see the pic? was he selling it?

2012.08.30, 07:37 AM
see my other thread on ebay auctions (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38072&highlight=auction), amazing what people try to pass off on others.

2012.08.31, 01:36 AM
Saw that one lol...

2012.09.01, 11:25 PM
no problemo kyoshosan.... where did you see the pic? was he selling it?

I saw it for sale at the Yahoo Auction Site in Japan.

2012.09.02, 08:32 PM
yikes :eek:... caveat emptor (buyer beware)....:eek:
any reference no?