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2012.08.27, 12:27 AM
I've been using the S6 series of rims pretty regularly for a while now and really like them. They (sorry Atomic) especially seem to work with the Reflex low profile front end with the 19mm diameter - they've become my go to rim.... when the shell I'm using is narrow enough.

Any chance of one day seeing (at least!) a +2 offset version made - especially in W for the rear wheel? I can shim the front wheel up from a 1.5 easily enough, but a +2 rear would be nice for Astons, HSVs etc.

I know its being fussy but I've never liked the look of mixing different rims front and back. Either that or maybe a 19mm diameter disc rim range for the front wheel would be a good solution from my point of view. Now maybe if there was a few thousand like minded individuals... :).

2012.08.27, 10:55 PM
Atomic was aware of wider offset wheels wanted by some racers. Let's see who else wants these. Thanks.

2012.08.28, 08:01 AM
I would like to see Atleast a 2 offset

2012.08.28, 08:14 AM
I was one of those that asked long ago for more offsets as well. I still use s6 wheels an would welcome some additional offsets.

2012.08.28, 08:17 AM
It is a very high quality wheel. I too would like to see some higher offset offerings say up to +2.5. both front and rear. The .5 incriments(sp?) make them great for fine tuning steering adjustments.

2012.08.28, 08:58 AM
+2 front/rear and +3 rear for sure!

2012.08.29, 04:47 AM
+2 & +3 front/rear and +3 rear for sure!
Additional suggestion to Sai I mention was making 20's up front.
Now I am cutting 0 Rear's outer lip off to make it like +1 up front to match.

Chicken Little
2012.12.11, 02:17 PM
+1 on the 20's up front and more available offsets. This is a wonderful set of wheels in both design and performance/constancy. More size and offset options are eagerly awaited.

2012.12.14, 06:59 AM
only reason i never used S6 wheels were because of no wide offsets, so thar would be great

unearthed name
2012.12.14, 08:01 AM
yeah, we want +3 and +2 offsets. the rims are very nice. they hug the bearing, and it's light and strong.

2012.12.28, 08:13 PM
any movement on this front Sai? i'd love to run S6 wheels on my R8 but the limitations of +1.5 forces me to go with other wheels. i run S6's on all my other cars though.

Mike Keely
2012.12.28, 08:16 PM
I really like the 19mm rim also but they have been hard to find.

2012.12.28, 08:18 PM
yeah, i just bought the last +1.5 front wheel set from RR. i couldn't find any more domestically. :(

2012.12.28, 08:21 PM
Black or white for preference.

2012.12.28, 08:35 PM
i prefer white myself. makes my car that much easier to see, my eyesight is getting worse every year :rolleyes:

Mike Keely
2012.12.28, 08:57 PM
I like the white also. +1 offset

2012.12.29, 06:10 AM
Let me check inventory and respond by PM

add lightness
2013.03.01, 06:02 PM
Bought the S6 wheels for my Aston: 19mm front / +1 offset, Rear: 20mm / + 1,5 offset. Really a shame that these can't be had in +2 / +2,5 / +3 Rears...

Such a great and beautiful wheel deserves more offset versions in both white and magnificent black ...

2013.03.02, 01:29 PM
I like 20mm much better than 19mm front on our track ... so I took a set of rear +1 S6's and cut down the outer lip to match a narrow front tire. It works perfectly and now I have matching front wheels :)

2013.03.02, 03:24 PM
Good work around but less than ideal. We are hoping atomic decides to expand the line. There is obvious desire for it :)

Chicken Little
2013.03.11, 10:29 AM
+1 on the offset options. These have been my "go to" wheels lately but I wish Atomic starts offering greater offset options.

2013.07.19, 07:06 PM
still no decision on additional offsets for S6 wheels? some times you can't give money away:p next stop pn racing...