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2012.08.27, 10:53 PM
hi folks...

as chance would have it... i've got a trip planned to the us...
specifically s.f. (sept 13-18) and l.a. (sept 19-23)

time permitting... plan to visit some mini-z tracks/shops... would be glad if any of you could point me out to some... :D

thanks in advance... :D

2012.08.28, 12:33 AM
NorCal: Inside Line Racing (Cupertino), Fast Pace Racing (San Jose)

SoCal: RC Kenon (Baldwin Park), Kyosho R241 (Lake Forest -- a bit of a drive from LA).

ILR, FPR, and Kenon are RCP tracks, ILR having the least front grip, Kenon having too much most of the time, and R241 is a low-pile carpet track with low rear grip. Adjust your setup accordingly. :D

When you come down to SoCal, first thing you should do is hit up Kenon during the week; on the 23rd R241 should be open, and we should arrange a SoCal Mini-Z party there. :)

2012.08.28, 03:43 AM
thanks for the info brian... it's kinda shot in the dark... but at least it might be worth a try... last time i was in the us (2005 i hardly got to see any hobby shops), much less a track... this time, in addition to my wife, i'll be traveling with my 3 year old daughter... who could be a handful most of the time... lol... i will also be with my brother in law and his family in sf...

with the limited time and resources... i'm just hoping anything could happen at the moment...

i remember last time... arch wanted to put something together so i could meet other racers in the area... all that was needed was for me to go and show up... but alas... i couldn't, kinda disappointing (in myself for the most part)...

so i'm not keeping any high expectations for me to do anything mini-z related... and not promising anything... but if anything happens, it happens... :D

does anybody know if all speed hobbies is still open?... location wise, this will be closer than all the other tracks mentioned...

what's rc kenon's address?

thanks again in advance... :D

2012.08.30, 08:39 AM
13200 Brooks Dr, Suite E, Baldwin Park, CA91706, USA.
i look forward to meeting you if u make it by!:D

2012.08.31, 01:28 AM
wow, thanks grant. crossing fingers. i am quite humbled by your expectant & open invitation...

2012.09.06, 01:08 PM
Welcome to america dude, Coming alone or with friends or partners ??
Try to Google it for best and simple tracks,

2012.09.06, 06:59 PM
You will have to do another "experience" thread! Not sure if it'll be as "heavenly" as HK, but... :D

2012.09.06, 08:42 PM
@warren .... thanks dude...
actually i grew up in s.f. (daly city) and left in '75 for the philippines (where i currently live) since '75 i've been back to the us on 3 separate occasions... the last being in 2005....

i will be traveling with my wife, and my 3yr old daughter... she can really be a handful at times... lol

we will be meeting up with my brother in law's family (from ny) in sf... we're all looking to have some fun...

2012.09.06, 09:16 PM
@mini-z.... wow it's really nice hearing from you... :D

ah... anything "mini-z" is definitely "heavenly" for me... lol...

i'm pretty sure it will be an "experience"... but this time around will be quite challenging due to some factors....

although my wife and i have been to the US before, it will be another first as we will be travelling together as a family... hmm... did i mention that we would be traveling with my three year old daughter? did i also mention that she could be a handful? lol :D

timing would also be another factor.... last time we were over there we spent over 4 weeks... this trip is a short 11 days... i'm pretty sure there's a lot that you can do in eleven days... but we'll have to split that between sf and la... :D

logistics... we will be meeting up with my brother in laws family of 4, plus our family makes 7.... so travelling and moving around would have to be coordinated... lol... had such a fun time when we stayed at their place in ny... proximity of our hotel to the tracks... it will be quite a drive hopefully if we have time... crossing fingers... toes.... and eyes... lol...

being the only mini-z nut of the bunch... mentioning anything mini-z may cause blank stares towards me and/or a sudden look in a different direction... worse case... a death stare from my wife... lol :D at least my daughter seems amused when i drive martha (click here to see martha (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2257&highlight=martha)) around the house... that's until she wants to try her hand at it and throws one of her epic signature tantrums when daddy says "no, no, you have to wait"... but i digress... lol

there might be more factors... but i'll just leave it at that... we're all pretty excited... i started packing my bags... however when it came down to one particular thing.... i started asking myself....

to z or not to z?!?! that is the question.... :D

2012.09.12, 12:37 AM
alright... packed my bags...
flight is first thing tom morning...

with a 2.5hour layover in tokyo-narita... woo hoo... would be nice to see what's at the airport...

then proceeding to sf, arriving 9:35am... sept 13, 2012...

2012.09.12, 02:01 AM
Fly safe dude. :)

2012.09.12, 05:21 PM
thanks :D at airport now. thank god for free wifi. will be boarding soon. will have a 2.5 hr layover in narita japan. oddly kinda looking forward to it.

2012.09.14, 08:13 AM
good morning america.… :D

6:10 am in SF… was kinda long day (almost 21 hours total to get to a bed) will write and explain this more later

2012.09.22, 02:21 PM
At LAX waiting to board. It was indeed fun.
Got to go to ILR but got there late, and the track was closed. Blt456 was kind enough to wait around for me. Was great meeting and talking to him. Also make it out to kennon and got to meet the man behind PN racing Philip and world champ grant. They run a great shop and track over there and appreciate the hospitality.
Will write more in detail soon.

Goodbye America hope to come back soon

2012.09.23, 11:07 AM
Just arrived… after traveling some 19 hours, home sweet home at last

2012.10.21, 11:13 PM
hi guys sorry for the late update... a couple of stuff came up... went to korea, office is relocating, my mother in law had a double hip replacement... now back on topic...

i think i was kenonnized... :D hope you all enjoy the article... click here for my kenon experience (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=437427&posted=1#post437427)