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2012.09.01, 10:05 AM
years ago, i got into the micro truck trials project builds but haven't ever really picked up custom rc projects since then. I have a tube full of gi joe vehicles i've always wanted to turn convert either the mobat, hiss or mauler to rc tank with sound and smoke. the vamp, awe striker would make great rc truck/buggy as well.

anyone have experience in adapting common toys into rc vehicles? there are some cool projects on youtube like this one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txF1HpgQzx4&feature=player_embedded)

2012.09.01, 10:20 AM
Got lots of ideas here...my tinkering pile is bigger than my racing fleet.

Currently I've been contemplating how to convert models into RC...mostly race cars instead of scale trucks and such.

I'd also had some thoughts about using my multi channel heli TX for a Tonka Truck conversion so I can do some digging. :D