View Full Version : PN Racing 4D Trigger for KO

2012.09.01, 07:39 PM
-Wide aluminum trigger shoe for even finger pressure

-Center groove on trigger shoe gives feel to finger for consistent finger positioning

-Throttle and brake trigger slides on steel rails for both height and reach adjustments

-Ball joint mount for both throttle and brake trigger pads for 3 degrees of freedom adjustment

-Lateral position adjustment on brake trigger to accommodate different finger swing during brake application

-Total of 9 adjustments. Precise positioning of throttle and brake trigger shoes for perfect control

-After install this trigger, make sure setup the radio "VR Adjust"

-Good for KO EX10 Helios, EX10 EURUS, EX1 KIY, EX1 MARS and EX1 UR

Full Instructions Click Here! (http://pnracing.us/instructions/500900K10-Instructions.pdf)