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2012.09.03, 03:48 PM

I have done a Hiz transponder, i started doing it in 2007 but how i was studing i couldnt have time for finish it.

Now with more time i have finished and is ready to count perfectly

Its features are the next ones:

- 15x15x0.7mm
- 1.05gr
the best one...
- 29 TX in 1

I have used a microbutton for change the TX number, so you will not need any change of tranponder from a car to a car anymore. Just having 1 you will have all numbers in your transponder.

It has 3 modes.

1 Work mode
2 TX number view mode
3 TX number config mode

after the 2 and 3 modes the transponder will start working automatically, so if you have viewed the number of your transponder, it will start automatically working. in other works, you dont need to restart the transponder for change to 1 mode.

here some pictures:

(this led infrared is not the final one, is just a example)

Here you have a small video about how it works, but this is the first prototype, with big componets
http://www f******k.com/photo.php?v=355611151178472

Here another bad quality video with the final transponder
http://www f******k.com/photo.php?v=3677319290968

2012.09.03, 05:46 PM
where can these be purchased?

2012.09.03, 08:15 PM
they are not available yet, but soon, maybe in 1-2 weeks.

cost around 35-37 euros each, but im thinking to do some pack prices, i dont know yet.

where im speaking with some dealers and if any shop will be interested they can put in contact with me in huriz03#gmail.com (change # for one @).

2012.09.03, 08:40 PM
How does it change channels or numbers?

2012.09.03, 09:08 PM
imagine that we have a pre-selected Tx number for understand this example.

if we change the batteries or if we switch off and on the car, the transponder will start working inmediately.

but if we switch off and after siwtch on the car, with the button pushed we will pass to the VIEW mode or CONFIGURATION MODE.

after switch on the car with the button pushed, if we stop pushing the button before 3 secods, the transponder with a led diode will tell to us in what number is it.

there are 2 king of light, small and long
small it means +1
long it means +10

so, if we are in the TX 3, we will see 3 times a small light flash,
1+1+1 = 3
but if we are in the TX, we will see 1 long ligh flash and 3 small light flash
10 + 1 +1+1 = 13
and if we are in the 25, we will see 2 long light flash and 5 small light flash
10 + 10 +1 + 1 +1 +1 +1 = 25

after show you the number of the light, the transponder will start working inmediately.

but, if we continue keeping pushed the button instead of leave free, after 3 seconds the light will keep on. thats it means that we are right now in the configuration mode, so now we have to start pushing the button for select what TX number we want.

here we have the same system for put the number of TX that we want, if we make a small pushes, we will have +1, and if we make a big pushes (like 1 seconds more or less) we will have +10, so, if we want have the TX14, we will have to push the button, 4 small pushes and 1 long push. dont care the order of the pushes, you cand make, 2 small + 1 big + 2 small, finally is the same number.

When you make a push, depending the king of the push, the light will tell you if it has been a small or long push.

after make the 4 small and 1 big pushes, we have to record the data in the transponder, for this work, we will have to push the button for 3 secods, and the light will switch on. this light int means that your TX number has been saved. you can stop pushing and now, the transponder will tell you like before with light the TX number selected and like before, after finish the light view, it will start working.

Look this video, http://www(dot)facebook(dot)com/photo.php?v=355611151178472

here we are selecting the TX 29

first, we are configurating the transponder with the 29 number, 9 small pushes and 2 big pushes, after you will see the view mode and after it start working

after finish this, i put the transponder in view mode again and i make a test.

Sorry for my english, i know that is so poor :-S.

2012.09.03, 09:28 PM
I'm not on f******k so can't see the video but your instructions sound straight forward.

2012.09.04, 12:55 AM
Not bad at 1.05g, it looks like it would be heavier. :) Any special way you attach it to the chassis, or just velcro? Can you possibly make it compatible with I-Lap as well? You've done something amazing already getting your own electronics to emit the GiroZ codes, if you add in I-Lap functionality you're going to have a LOT of customers (including me!).

2012.09.04, 07:13 AM
I have used double-sided tape, i dont need any velcro because i dont need or move to another car, and is better if i need to change my TX number for push the button.

it has 1.05 gr because i dont use any conector, and this component is heavy.

I dont know how Ilaps works, but if it doesnt use a infrared system will be difficult :-S, (i have to see it first)

2012.09.04, 10:14 PM
I-Lap is infrared too. :) Image stolen from an RCTech member putting his up for sale:


They're not too expensive to obtain, I'd gladly buy you one if you can get me a working prototype of yours eventually. :)

2012.09.04, 11:00 PM
What would be the benefit of having an ilap version? Only benefit I can see is if it could be made smaller. The odds of having the same number is very slim to say the least. I'm sure I am missing something

2012.09.04, 11:17 PM
Not a version -- if we can get this functionality then you pretty much never have to change transponders again in the US, since Ilap and GiroZ seem to be the dominant systems.

That, and the Ilap transponder is freaking huge, it's a pain to fit under lowered FR bodies like the 599 and HSV. The Hiz can be mounted lower and is generally smaller, a good nod towards curbing traction roll.

2012.09.05, 01:18 AM
He will have to put some decent time in to build ilap clones...

2012.09.05, 06:27 AM
Im not goingt to start with another trasnponder yet, who knows, maybe soon i will try with another sysytem but not now.
Now i have to centrate with the Hiz for Giroz, test better with the new materials and start doing more.

2012.10.02, 01:51 PM
Finished, the final price will be 35 each

there are son shops that you can buy them, but soon they will be more shops with them.

if you are interested or something please contact me in huriz03 @ gmail.com (all together)

2012.10.04, 09:49 AM
Very nice work!

Glad to see someone else has also made their own Giro-z clone too. You are a racer after my own heart! I made some clones up last year. I didn't want to spend $200 on transponders for my home track so I made some too. I have a pogo pin interface to program the different numbers. I like your button idea and think that it has room for improvement.

Did you do any experimentation with the PIC10 series and it's internal oscillator so you can eliminate the crystal? Seems like a lot of space is wasted by the crystal that you chose and 8 pin package. If you are reflowing these then surely you could use a smaller crystal.

See below for a picture of my version.

This version is 12mmx12mm. Without the pogo interface it's 12x10mm. I kept the connector as it seems like I am always repairing the soldered connections for our club transponders. Then again they are being swapped in and out of cars and are subject to mechanical stress on the solder joints.


2012.10.04, 01:45 PM
Just to say this is a great bit of kit we had some for an open meet (wlmr in uk) took about a minute to set up all worked fine with no problems

2012.10.05, 03:37 AM
I think that there are 2 reason why I cant use the PIC10.
1- It doenst have EEPROM memory, so i cant save my selected number or read the last used number.
2- small code memory size. Im using a 1.75k pic, and im using a 85% of the momery, the bigger pic10 has around 0.90k i think so.. is another problem for me.

Before start doing anything, i read in some forums that the internal oscilator is only for fuctions that you dont need a very high precision because with the high temperatures could change the oscilation frecuency.
Can you put a image with all mounted? Regards

2012.10.05, 09:53 AM
I see, I forgot that they remove the eeprom on the 10 series. Would have to move up to the 12 series for the eeprom! I must admit that I have been using atmel on my projects now ever since they have had good support for GCC. Though I do like pic basic pro for the microchip side of things. Sure, I can post a picture with components on it. Haven't had a problem with oscillator drift, but that might be a different story for pic and avr at this time.

2012.10.05, 09:03 PM
Sure, I can post a picture with components on it.

I have both right angle and straight connectors so that I can use the nice PN harness here:



2012.11.12, 02:14 PM
if anyone is interested in this transponder, please, contact me by private. Regards!