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2012.09.13, 06:42 PM
Heu guys,

Well as the title says, I'm having problems with the steering in my ma-010. If I trim the steering so it's dead straight in the neutral position as soon as I accelerate it automatically drives to the right. Now if I trim the steering to hang to the left so when i accelerate it flicks to the center, as soon as I lift off or brake the car will turn to the left. Is this an electrical problem or do I just need to pull the Z apart and re-align the steering? I was thinking of purchasing the aluminium steering arms. Is this worth the upgrade?

Thanx, Simmo

2012.09.13, 06:43 PM
Also, I'm running 27mhz

2012.09.14, 12:02 AM
checking for a tweaked chassis would be a start. Also remove your motor and turn your drivetrain to check is all rotating smoothly with no binding or diff issues and finally, check your body and specifically its clearance from your tyres. Its not rubbing at all - even when suspension compresses?
Sort out your current issues (or at least identify them) before going for upgrades. If you have an issue that the upgrade wont fix, then a: setting up your new part and b: evaluating its effects wont be so easy. You might also need that cash to replace something thats crapped out on you :)

Good luck

2012.09.14, 03:57 AM
I would check all the suspenion is the same hight. I have this problem and am running a SAS rear end on my AWD and its always due to one side of the suspension on the back being lower on one side than the other.