View Full Version : Advice from you experts needed...

2012.09.14, 11:22 AM
okay so I'm back after 5 year hiatus blah blah blah. I have a home track, no one in upstate NY races these things and I'm not sure I'd race anyway. Just always loved building scale stuff, and love driving these AWD Mini-Z's more than ever....

I plan on adding tons of (unneccesary) aluminum to my next chassis like I did with my other one. Because I can. Diffs, bulkheads, universals, probably not knuckles, etc. With this added weight, should I be concerned about the stock gearing? I know these motors run a little hot as it is, but should I consider stepping down the gearing a bit or not bother? If I should care, what pinion/spurr should I be running?

I drive on a home made version of a mini-96. It's slightly wider than the RCP version. So it's a lot of coasting and accelerating if that helps.