View Full Version : liquid mask?

2012.09.14, 04:01 PM

anyone have good results using liquid mask in their paint jobs? I've got some for my 1:10 lexan bodies and thought why not?


2012.09.15, 03:16 AM
I have used the humbrol brand . . . Wasnt impressed pain to apply and even worse to get off ,
Other brands may be better but as i had a bad experience i was put off from trying any .
The one i used was just like contact adhesive but purple

2012.09.15, 09:05 AM
Used Fasmask by Parma.

It takes long time to dry.
It's not easy to get correct, but then again so ain't masking.
But it's easy to peal of.

But I don't like it...

unearthed name
2012.09.15, 09:50 PM
for humbrol, you need to use scotch brite. i use it for my tank line, and it works nice. beware the smell though.

2012.09.15, 11:29 PM
Am I to understand you wash the liquid mask off with scotchbrite? I'm not sure I've understood where your heading here.....

2012.09.16, 02:17 PM
I found that with the paint I used (Krylon Fusion for Plastic) it ate the paint. When I peeled it off some of the paint underneath came off with the mask. What was left behind was bubbled. Clearly the wrong stuff to use with that paint.

2012.09.16, 04:55 PM
For mini-z I will be using tamiya TS rattle can and the tamiya X acrylic paints. I will try the liquid mask on a test body in the future with these paints but since I'm having better success with tape and the colour layout for my race scheme I'll most likely stick with tape.