View Full Version : MA-015 upgrades

2012.09.16, 11:16 PM

I am new here. And I just bought my first MiniZ MA015 DWS kit with the Lancia Delta body as I always like 4WD cars to drive around the house. I am not new to RC as I used to have 1/10 buggies like Tamiya Wild Willy and belt drive 4WD but these are to too big to play around the house and the electronics no longer work :(

I noticed there are tons of upgrade parts from different manufacturers. Are there differences in quality? Are there recommended brands for value/performance since I am just driving it around the house for enjoyment. But I still like to tinker. So I still want good value/lasting products. The house is mostly marble & wood floor, and maybe drive in car park area (concrete).

So I have a lot of burning questions that I can't find in forums/google.
1) Bearings - Any particular brand to get?
2) Central drive shaft. Since my body/chassis is now 90mm, can I get the 94mm shaft to fit since only 94 & 98mm are available.
3) The diffs looks dry. I used to put grease in the gears on my 1/10 RC buggies. Shall I do apply grease to the front & rear diffs? I am thinking of using titanium grease or my bike's ceramic grease.
4) I noticed some after market parts do not have covers for the diffs. Wouldn't dust & particles get in & damage the plastic gears?
5) Motors. Must I get the AWD specific ones? I'm only interested in those that I don't need to change the stock FETs.
6) Drive shafts. Does it matter whether it's titanium/AL/steel? Or it's a weight issue? I can understand Ti road bike but on a small thingy like MiniZ? LOL. Anyway, I plan to replace the stock ones only when they break.
7) Motor holders. According to the chart, I need to use A1/B1, etc. based on the gear ratio. But they all look the same size. What gives?
8) PN racing parts seem to be pricer. Are they better than Atomic, 3Racing in terms of qualtiy & finishing?
9) Which diff to upgrade to? The 'basic' atomic diff, AWD TAR Ball Diff or Kyosho? I just want to get something better once the stock breaks.

Thanks for the help.