View Full Version : ASF Antenna. Regular copper wire?

2012.09.20, 04:14 PM
Are the antenna in the MR-3 and other asf cars made of something special?

I see there are special made antennas for sale, but I ws thinking that we could use strands from a cat5/6 cable or something?

Will it help with a longer antenna in the car?

Why I am asking is that there are occational glitching occuring on some cars, especially when there are many cars at the track or other rc equipment in the area.

Could this be because of non original antennas?

2012.09.20, 04:20 PM
also check:
original sheathing slides off easily which can lead to fraying of the exposed wire strands as they bend and rub on objects.

i've often wanted to just pull the plastic sheathing off and plastidip the wire. every one of mine has the sheathing pulling out.

2012.09.20, 04:21 PM
The antennas are not made of anything special. Any fine stranded copper wire should do fine. A length of 1.1 to 1.2 inches is ideal in the car. I've had glitching with a KT18 before but that wasn't a loss of signal problem, it was a firmware compatibility issue between the KT18 and the MR03 I had.