View Full Version : 2012 Season points

2012.09.27, 11:23 AM
Here is the sheet for the season so far. I know I haven't been good at keeping every one posted, but the scores are very close! Rodney has the season wrapped up with an almost perfect score! Second through fifth are all within 11 points of each other, with Chad, Wade, and I only 5 points apart! Josh is in 5th, only 6 points behind that! Second place really is going to come down to the wire! Conor, Andy, and Albert are all very close for 6-8th as well. The last race is definitely going to decide a lot of people's finish positions on the season!

Oh yeah, and these points are taking into consideration 2 of the seasons drops. You get three class drops on the season, but with one event left, Sarah left us one drop in the bag. The points without drops are also on the page, so you can see that without drops Wade and Josh would be in front of Chad and I.

Let me know if you have any questions about how this came about, or what Sarah is showing. It looks pretty clear to me, but I will be happy to explain further what is being done to figure the points.