View Full Version : Raceday October 28th in Reading PA...

2012.09.27, 05:06 PM
We'll be racing the 28th of October, 10am to 5pm.

Hopefully the stars will align and we will have a full grid for this raceday. So far it's me, Larry and Quinny. Looking for Justin, Frank, Dave, Greg?

Hoping also to have some new possibles as well this date. Let your friends know... drag'em with! Post below if you plan to attend!

2012.10.03, 08:08 AM
ill be able to come...and hopefully my friend matt will come with.

2012.10.08, 10:22 AM
I'm not sure if I can make it or not yet ill let you know that week

2012.10.08, 11:22 AM
Hope so... been a while! I should have that AM controller for you. Oh and hopefully Frank will bring his heavily modded overlands again for you to check out!

2012.10.08, 06:28 PM
i miss my oevrland!! wish i could find it!!

2012.10.08, 06:34 PM
Yea I'm hoping to get there, and Yea that controller would be great. I started to do a 2.4 swap but didn't get far lol

2012.10.09, 07:49 AM
At this point I'm planning on coming. It'll be good to get on the track again...:D

2012.10.09, 11:59 AM
Holy sh:D:D!

2012.10.09, 12:25 PM
My ritual must've worked! Good to hear Greg! Next time, don't make me spend so much on candles, incense, chickens and magic dust!

2012.10.10, 07:59 AM
VOODOO me this...Batman!! Lmao.....:eek::D

2012.10.10, 10:01 AM
Missed the psychedelic PBJ banana too!

Wondering if you have any KT18s laying around you might want to lend the club?

2012.10.10, 01:49 PM
I only have one...I guess I could lend that. Hopefully it won't break easily like other KT18's...Lol

2012.10.10, 02:18 PM
Cool... I'm trying to get a newbie involved but that would be tough to do if I don't have another controller to use. :rolleyes:

2012.10.20, 02:08 PM
Well looks like I should be able to make it this month got one car up and running working on the f1 now so as long as I have a car to get there ill be there

2012.10.20, 08:23 PM
Its about time buddy.;)

2012.10.25, 09:05 AM
I'll be there

2012.10.25, 09:57 AM
Wow... 7 racers? Might have to have a B-main! :rolleyes:

Now I know many of us will be tuning up from a long hiatus, so dion't expect a real schedule for the day other than a few pickup races with Stock and F1. As we get back into the swing, and if we get 1 more dedicated racer... we'll get back into the A-B Main stuff.

For now though, let's just tune, bash and have fun!

Parking... like I've said before, my neighbors have said there is no problem with parking up the hill there so feel free. If you do park in the driveway... keep it snug! ;)

2012.10.25, 05:35 PM
Well maybe with 7 racers u can pick someone else to push into the walls now Ed lol. Let me know if any of the new guys are coming I just got my other 03 back together someone could also use, unfortunately the second f1 I won't have as part of it is still in the monster.

2012.10.26, 06:34 PM
i can see if tanner is heading up!

2012.10.26, 10:52 PM
I'm still kinda shocked at how well he drove. Maybe his ADD kicked down a gear with age. :D

2012.10.27, 03:05 PM
yeah it might of.

are we still on, cause of this storm??? i see it getting worse sunday night?

2012.10.27, 04:03 PM
Yes... we are still racing. I'm not too sure of these doom and gloom forecasts, if anything, it'll probably be just a bunch of rain and wind, maybe a power outage. If you watched any of the current coverage, you'd think this storm was going to scour the northeast down to the bedrock as it moves inland! :rolleyes:

2012.10.27, 05:16 PM
yeah i was watching it, we are only suppose to get about 40-50mph winds and soem rain..maybe some snow mixed in there. but i doubt its going to be catrina up here in the hills and valleys of pa. i will be in my saab tomorrow!! so i can make it through anything hahaha

2012.10.27, 06:22 PM
I for one am heeding the forecasts...since my basement has a tendency to flood with alot of rain (like last year with Irene), I'll be shoring up my basement in anticipation of this and won't make it tomorrow. Everyone stay safe when this hits! :eek:

2012.10.27, 09:41 PM
Well great... you were going to be part of the bucket line here at my house when my basement floods! Now I have to lure another slav... uhhh, racer to take your place!

Yeah, that big old well in my basement is my only threat for damage. If the power goes out, the sump pump is useless. I just make my little floor level, sheet plastic drainage culvert from the well to the drain out to the creek. I'm on a hill but I think all the ground water from the valley above comes right through our little village down here! Really feel bad for my new neighbor down the hill, she's only about four feet above that creek!

I don't think it's gonna get bad until Tuesday though, as far as water levels go.

2012.10.27, 09:45 PM
Oh... and I'm sure you've noticed the 20 some gallons of Dry-lok I've applied to my walls down there. The basement was disgusting when I first moved here, the water used to literally run from the foundation in certain spots... that stuff stopped all that nonsense!

2012.10.27, 10:10 PM
Ya, i think we will be fine tomorrow. Its later Sunday night till Tuesday is the bad time. Did all my prep today for the storm. See you guys tomorrow. Get there early.;)

2012.10.28, 07:34 AM
Yea I'm still coming ill just be leaving around 330 as I have dinner for my grandmothers 80th birthday tonight

2012.10.28, 06:17 PM
Great running today guys! Like we discussed, we're looking at the Sunday after Thanksgiving for the next raceday, I'll post up soon.

F1 is just too much fun, even with the bashing! ;) It's really awesome how close our skill levels are right now and it makes for some excellent traffic scenarios... now we just have to catch up to Larry (he's only 2 or 3 laps away!).

If we had two more dedicated racers, this would get real interesting quick!

Where'd Frank get to? :confused:

2012.10.28, 07:38 PM
Good day with more people. That Sunday should work. Its only a matter of time if guys show up every month that ill be doing some chasing instead!;):p

2012.10.29, 03:35 AM
Well you did just arm (to the teeth) the greatest threat to your throne, so I think you're right about the "matter of time" part. I'd compare it to buying your friend a set of brass knuckles, then challenging him to a fist fight. :eek:

Side note:
Will bread and milk save everyone in a disaster? Had the misfortune of stopping by Wallymart tonight and there wasn't a crumb of bread or drop of milk left in the place! Oh... and all the candles were gone too! Even a vast majority of the scented ones!

I'm sure this is a common question as well... Why have 40 registers at a store if you're only going to have one cashier on? 15 people in line, and one person able to operate the cashflow?

Oh well... Enjoy your hurricane toast everyone! :D

2012.10.29, 03:49 PM
i am with you on that ed..three guys at work today said the same thing with the milk candles and bread. its ridiculous what people react to with some rain....more rain then normal but still.

great running sunday!! loved the way the F1's all kept up.