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2012.09.28, 07:33 AM
as fate would have it, i am currently in korea... and will be staying till oct 4... I hear that there are some tracks over here... if time permits i will try or attempt to go to a track...

would appreciate it if anybody could give me any directions to a track, or any tips to a first timer in korea…

2012.10.07, 10:14 PM
just came back... seoul is such a wonderful place... would love to go back again sometime...

did some research and came up with two tracks that i planned to visit...

unfortunately though... it was a long korean holiday, i had somebody at the hotel call them, and they said that they were closed...

posting the track info for others if they plan to pass by...


Telephone: 02-921-4095
Contact r35@live.co.kr for more information
Address: 136-033, Seoul Seongbuk-gu, dongsomundong 3 79 Master Building B1F
business registration number [209-03-97097] / Communications | 2008 - Seoul Seongbuk -0616
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Phone: 02-921-4095
Hours of Operation 11:00 to 22:00

STREET ADDRESS:Sungbuk ku dongsomun dong 3ga 79 myoungin BD B1 TEL 82-02-921-4095

서울 성북구 동소문동 3가 79번지 명인 빌딩 지하 1층 언더그라운드
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Contact r35@live.co.kr for more information.
주소 : 136-033 서울 성북구 동소문동3가 79 명인빌딩 지하1층
사업자 등록번호 안내 [209-03-97097] / 통신판매업 신고 제 제 2008-서울성북-0616호
개인정보관리책임자 : 김용식(r35@live.co.kr)


MINI-Z of all HHR MINI-Z If you are interested comfortably, please contact HHR Circuit
Yangjae 256-3 HYEJEON building underground
TEL 02-579-3133 HP 010-9970 -3133 FAX 02-579-3137
hhracing@naver.com Hours Am10 Pm12 every Monday Closed

HHR Circuit (hhracing)
MINI-Z의 모든 것 HHR

MINI-Z 궁금하시다면
편하게 문의 하세요^^

------ HHR Circuit ------

서울시 서초구 양재동
256-3 혜전빌딩 지하

TEL 02-579-3133
H.P 010-9970-3133
FAX 02-579-3137

영업시간 Am10 - Pm12
매주 월요일 휴무
프로필 쪽지 이웃추가


apparently there was a korean mini-z cup that was held in five different track locations in seoul last year... source : http://ameblo.jp/kyoshoblog-en/page-5.html

- 1st. Race : 2/27 HHR Track
- 2nd. Race : 3/13 Underground Track
- 3rd. Race : 3/27 RC Cafe Track
- 4th. Race : 4/10 Anyang Track
- 5th. Race : 5/01 Down Force Track