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2012.10.03, 01:24 PM
Hey everyone I've had this car since 99 and finally broke something on it after all these hard years on it. I need a motor case set for it, specifically part number MZ3. I've been looking online and no one has the set. Kyosho told me the MZ3 set was discontinued. So my question is where can I find one? I'd prefer original plastic parts but if they make metal ones then so be it. Any links or ideas would be great.

2012.10.03, 07:51 PM
No problem to upgrade to a newer style mount, only thing is you'll have to get a newer diff. Hobby Etc up in NH has a pretty good inventory of MR01 stuff leftover, but if you wanna upgrade to a newer style, try the store here.

- on a quick looksie, their MR01 inventory is nearly wiped out! They do have a high motor mount left and an MR01 ball diff. They also have a new MR01 servo case as well (one left!). Parts are getting real rare, but fortunately you still see a few MR01 Readysets pop up on the bay once in a while.

2012.11.03, 06:57 AM
+1 with what imxlr8ed suggested… i've tried a mr01 motor mount with matching ball diff on a mr02 chassis, so i figure you can use the mr02 motor mount and gear/ball diff combo on the mr01… you also could post a wtb (wanted to buy) in the market place section

good luck and hope this helps