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2012.10.03, 11:04 PM
Hey all, new to the forum and new to Mini z's.

i was into the xmods a while back, and wanted to get back into the cars, but with more quality, better handling, better response etc.

anywho, ive never had a mini before but the first thing that struck me was how much more expensive they were.

so im looking at a Kyosho MR-02EX DBR9 on ebay. ive seen them listed between $150 and $200. is this a decent car for the money? is it grossly overpriced?

TBH i would prefer to pick up a chassis second hand and get a DBR9 body later. if i wanted to go this route, which chassis are compatable with 1/28th scale?

TIA for helping a newb.

2012.10.03, 11:18 PM
would this be better in a more general section?

2012.10.04, 12:45 AM
I almost always buy used now. I seem to get more bang for the buck that way. Check the marketplace here or the shop, the prices are good and the shipping has always been fast for me.

Also, there might be a track near you. You'll learn more at one of the clubs on here than you ever will surfing the web. As far as websites go though, you found the right place for info.!:D

1/28th scale chassis? Starts with MiniZ and ends with MiniZ in my book. There's all kinds of aftermarket chassis out there, but in my experience, It's always seemed like the aftermarket chassis turn into dust collectors eventually.

2012.10.04, 01:16 AM
thanks for the response!

ive seen mini's in different scales. and ive noticed the different chassis designations (02, 03, etc)

i guess i was just wondering whcih of these chassis are 1/28th?

2012.10.04, 04:29 AM
All of them are 1/28.
BUT....MR-02 is wide so you can't use all the bodys, just those designed wide enough for the MR-02.

With a used MR-03 you can use any Mini-Z body out there.

2012.10.04, 06:49 AM
is there a faq that explains the differences between the chassis?

2012.10.04, 06:59 AM
there's a sticky in every category that explains what each chassi is.
So you have to read some stickys.


But it's all about evolution

2012.10.04, 07:45 AM
excellent! thanks!

2012.10.04, 08:18 AM
is the track adjustable for wider or skinnier bodies on the different chassis?

ive noticed the stickys say the track is ~5mm in either direction.

2012.10.04, 09:11 AM

It's just the front body mount that differs.
Then you have to get the right set of wheel to get it to look good.
If you need another wheel base than 98mm like the DB9, you might need to get another H-plate and a motorpod.

But if you stay with the body's that are 98mm and that are wide enough for the MR-02 then you just need to get the rims with correct offset for that body.

2012.10.04, 09:33 AM
sorry. track referring to wheel width.

so the DBR9 is a 98mm wheelbase? so any 98mm wheelbase car will work as long as its wide enough?

2012.10.04, 09:39 AM
DB9 is 98mm yes.
I'm not sure if any of the 98mm body is narrow.
I think you can use ANY 98mm body.

Then just get the right offset for the rims to fit that body.

2012.10.04, 10:09 AM
ok so if i understand this right, the wheel width (track) is the same for pretty much al 98mm wheelbases.

cool. thats simple enough.

2012.10.04, 02:08 PM
ok so if i understand this right, the wheel width (track) is the same for pretty much al 98mm wheelbases.

cool. thats simple enough.

No that is not true. The track can be different widths. There is narrow bodies and wide but it's used loosely because the track is determined by the wheel offset installed. Wheel offsets range from -1 to,+3 typically. You can also,get the wheels widely available in those offsets and in a either a narrow(sometimes referred to as front) and wide(somtimes referred to as rear).

The wheel base is 86mm to 102mm.

Different bodies require different wheel bases and offsets. Those are all achieved in with some variation of wheel offset, wheelbase settings and motor mounts.

Kyosho does sell all of those parts but most can be had when purchasing an mr-03 chassis set. Along with that is the breakdown of parts and their settings.


2012.10.04, 02:11 PM
In my signature is a body compatibility chart created by one of our members. It's a little old but most if not all the information still applies.


2012.10.04, 02:26 PM
the Aston isnt in the chart, but im sure it will be useful if i go a different route.

2012.10.04, 07:27 PM
I think the DB9 is +1N (front) and +2W (rear).

2012.10.04, 07:42 PM
another member contacted me and said the same thing.

2012.10.05, 12:26 AM
i bought a DBR9 frame and wheels. cant wait to find a good chassis for it!