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2012.10.07, 11:10 AM
Remnant will host a short wheelbase race on an unconfirmed Saturday in the very near future.

similar to previous races like this, the spirit of the rules are 90mm hatchback bodies only.

as soon as a Saturday is selected, i will update the date and time information.

we may add classes as they are discussed and attendance allows. otherwise, this is just an event for good times, some good fun and time with good people. i'm hoping we can rebuild our specialty event calendar to include mini-van's, and other fun things. not sure on the trailers though... that was a rather difficult race to finish, fun but difficult.

for those that don't know, Remant layout is approximately 3 wide L's with 1.5 wide turn kits. the fast laps are in the 6.7second range while i've had 7.3 with stock 70T. they have ample pit table space in the adjacent room.



2012.10.08, 08:26 AM
has anyone seen a Volkswagen Beetle Turbo S whitebody?

2012.10.08, 08:35 AM
What's the part number?

2012.10.08, 08:39 AM
Kyosho MNZ-109

2012.10.08, 08:48 AM
any preferences on format? i'm thinking at least 15 minutes. i'm going through all the trouble to get this setup, painted, etc. i want to enjoy it vs. a quick 8-10 minute main. should also consider some fun means for qualifying for the grid.

2012.10.08, 10:16 AM
these race are fun. But these cars are super flippable!
I wasnt able to squeeze wide rims at the rear on abrath
Care to share your setups?

2012.10.08, 11:40 AM
atomic ultra narrow motor mount
custom built diff from a mix of parts
atomic disc damper with gold spring on top, no spring on bottom,
atomic #2 h plate
reflex front end at 2d setting
atomic s6 +0 front wheels
atomic dish -1 wide rear wheels

no matter what tweaking i did the fiat flipped. it does better with +0 narrow rear wheels though. i spent a good 2 hours fiddling with the chassis before going back to the cooper. again, that did better with the +0 narrow rear wheels. it's planted and feels well sorted for my driving style. it doesn't translate to others but i know how far i can push it and where i need to lay off a bit. so in the end, i'm not using the fiat. i bought another cooper to give it my current team paint and will run with that. i am looking to try out a beetle though. i've run the golf, 240, vitz but never the beetle.

for the fiat, i had to shave some of the front chin to keep it from scraping the track.

2012.10.08, 03:04 PM
For our Abarths here I have some pn 30 front slicks. You have to put a little push in them. Less grip up front keeps it from rolling. I also did some ballasting using strips of metal hanger along the grooves on the bottom of the chassis.

Also we run narrows all around with Kyosho 30 slicks in the back. I tried Kyosho 40s up front but surprisingly too much grip.


2012.10.08, 03:29 PM
i've got the brass rods in the bottom already. kyosho 20 rear, 30 front for tires. tried 40 fronts and it was like a skating rink.

2012.10.09, 04:53 AM
I guess you cant fight physics,FIAT with one of the tallest roof line among the hatches, it's gonna top the flipper chart! :o

2012.10.09, 02:14 PM
Gonna need lots of CA glue on the sidewalls, that goes for everyone racing hatchbacks lol. It also helps if you round off the sidewalls first, glue them, then true the excess glue off and get the tire diameter down.

Arch, hope there's gonna be video. :)

2012.10.10, 12:17 AM
wondering what hatchback bodies are qualified for this race series?
would the awd lancia delta body be qualified? what if it was mounted on a 2wd chassis?

2012.10.10, 06:51 AM
see rules posted by bill

2012.10.10, 04:25 PM
wondering what hatchback bodies are qualified for this race series?
would the awd lancia delta body be qualified? what if it was mounted on a 2wd chassis?

Yes it would qualify. I thought about running that body but decided to go with the vitz. It did good for me the last time we did this race.

2012.10.10, 04:56 PM
i recall someone ran the lancia in one our previous races? maybe igor?

2012.10.13, 06:53 PM
write it down, put it on your calendar, November 3rd for the 90mm hatchback race.

I will have spare 90mm hatchback bodies for those who may not have one.

see rules posted by bill.

2012.10.13, 10:18 PM
Just sharing my hatch that i just fixed up.
Just completed 60mins race with 3 other 98mm... and it tops.. ;)
Running 70T(carbon brush),
stock gear diff
customised TDS
Qteq t plate
Reflex tower bar
Front +1 rear +0

2012.10.14, 08:47 AM
thats a fair bit of body modification:p

2012.10.14, 12:21 PM
Are we using strictly kyosho stock motors or PN 70 turn motors? I thought their was no motor limit? I was planning on using a PN 80 turn motor.

2012.10.14, 12:29 PM
motor rule posted

2012.10.14, 12:36 PM
No, 70 turn is what the kyosho stock motor has. The kyosho ECO motor is 80 turn. I'm just getting confused. The PN 70 and kyosho stock motor have the same amount of turns just the PN motor has a little more torque and pf coarse with the PN motor you can use any mount you want compared to the kyosho you can't.

2012.10.14, 12:54 PM
yep, the eco came out for the beginner level at 80T. good point on the motor mount as well.. i'll make sure i clear that up with gary. i don't want to go back to stock motor mounts so no point in using box stock motors outside of a box stock class. don't see why anyone would complain about letting someone using a 80T over a 70T. if an open motor, that really benefits those using mid length 90mm hatchbacks with the more even weight distribution like the rx7. 70T is more than enough i think for these cars.

2012.10.18, 05:07 AM
hope to see some pics and videos...

also wondering what rules you race by... 90mm hatchback... so i'm figuring vitz, cooper, vw beetle (hmm not actually a hatchback), vw golf (hatchback but isn't this 94mm?), lancia delta (on a 2wd chassis of course), honda jazz/fit, fiat... am i missing any other hatchback body?

most hatchbacks are hm motor mount configuration... so is this a hm 90mm class?

kyosho stock or 70t motors only? and any other hop up allowed?

good luck to all... :D

2012.10.18, 05:11 AM
hmm... i just remember that there are some initial d cars that are hatchbacks... the ae86 and rx7's are hatchbacks... also some awd drift cars are hatchbacks as well...

2012.10.18, 06:36 AM
pending rules forthcoming :p

2012.10.18, 11:25 AM
I guess when I have a moment I'll post rules for this race, again.

2012.10.20, 07:29 PM
The following bodies are allowed for this race

Toyota Vitz
Honda Fit
Mini Cooper
VW Beelte
Fiat Abarth 500
Lanica Delta HF intergrale

I'm on the fence about the VW golf GTI because of length. The bodies I listed are classified and sold by kyosho as 90mm HM bodies (with the exception of the Lancia body it is sold as an MA-010 body but it's 90mm and no RM or 94mm motor pod is going to fit)and the the GTI is a HM but is 94mm so it's has a bit of an advantage. But I will leave that up to all of you to allow it or not. I'm pretty sure I'm leaving out some bodies so please speak up. But they have to be classified as HM bodies.

Chassis requirements
MA-010 or MA-015

Bodies trimming to a minimum.
There is no motor or fet limit. If you think you can run a mini cooper with a 33 turn motor and double stack fets have at it

If anyone has an issue with the rules I laid out please speak up.

2012.10.20, 08:00 PM
please see the attached photo taken from mini-z guide showing the 90mm high mount bodies.


i know some of the remnant guys were looking at the rx7 and or ae86. not sure on everyone in that group. just need to let gary know asap if exceptions are to be made or not.

2012.10.20, 08:23 PM
Update: VW R32 body is possibly allowed even though it's classified as a MA-010 body, I believe it's 90mm and could only use a HM pod or 90mm mm pod. Thanks for posting the pic Ray. Pretty much the bodies in the pic are what we are aiming for in this race.

2012.10.20, 10:08 PM
oh, what about the 240z?

2012.10.21, 08:22 PM
Funny Ray, lol. John wants to know the address to remament.

2012.10.22, 09:06 PM
I did a little more research and both the VW golf GTI and R32 bodies are 94mm. Does anyone thinks these bodies should be allowed?

2012.10.22, 09:14 PM
Funny Ray, lol. John wants to know the address to remament.

6104 old branch avenue
temple hills md 20748

2012.10.24, 01:02 PM
i will be at remnant this saturday doing some final practice/tweaking if anyone wishes to drop in. Gary usually opens up about 10-11am. there is ample pit space as well in the adjacent room.

keep in mind that this is the grey track so you may need to tweak tire choices so leave time for that before hand. there is a long back straight before large radius turn which is where 98% will be rolling over all day long.

2012.10.27, 12:39 PM
I don't mean to be a buzzkill but there's probably a chance that this race might not happen November 3rd. We might want to think about reschedule date in case we can't race on the 3rd.

2012.10.27, 02:14 PM
good idea to have an alternate in case the storm forces a reshuffle.

i'm in a bind myself. put my cooper down, drove about 20 feet and got a puff of white smoke:mad:

2012.10.27, 06:08 PM
ouch… how'd that happen?

i'm in a bind myself. put my cooper down, drove about 20 feet and got a puff of white smoke

2012.10.27, 06:21 PM
no idea. i hadn't done anything to the car since the last time i ran it two weeks before. it just went around the track a short ways and poof.

2012.10.27, 09:54 PM
Nothing on the motor pod was touching the motor tabs was it? I did that years ago when I wasn't paying attention to how I had the motor mounted and one of the tabs where the wires solder to the brushes and it took reverse out. But your positive red wire on the board looks burnt. Huh

2012.10.28, 12:44 PM
Nope, everything open and clear. The wire probably burnt when the fets fried. I have plenty of fets, I just need someone with the skills to swap them out.

Mike Keely
2012.10.28, 04:30 PM
Is that two boards now that you have burned up at Gary's? I don't know of any of the Remnants crew burning one up yet. Did you get in touch with Brandon?

2012.10.28, 04:45 PM
i sent brandon an email, haven't called him yet.

not sure what happened with the other board, it just stopped working all together. this one fried the fets. the other chassis stripped the 4th servo gear. i can't explain it but i've had a string of bad luck at remnants track. it's just random chance i guess.

Mike Keely
2012.10.28, 05:13 PM
We run so much that I know that a lot of them have broke the front nose of their chassis and Saint did one of my cars when he was driving it. We have now found out from Maj that they are filling the front area where the stock springs go with JB Weld to stop them from cracking the chassis.

2012.10.28, 05:28 PM
i've only broken on like that but we don't race nearly as often as you guys. i can easily see how that happens racing 2-3 days a week. all those knocks and bumps add up over time.

2012.10.30, 12:23 PM
Does anyone know the situation at remnant?

2012.10.30, 12:31 PM
gary reports they are fine, racing today and ready for this saturday.

2012.10.30, 12:45 PM
Gary will also run a 94mm-98mm open class (run what you brung) as well. I don't recall the specifics on the format but it wasn't a format i've run before.

there will be food and beverages available as well. i don't have the specifics but i was told food and beverages will be available.

Mike Keely
2012.10.30, 01:37 PM
All the food and drinks are free and being supplied by Gary. He is doing his best to grow the MiniZ's in the area. Traffic should be light going to Remnants today. Sorry that I will not make it this week including Sat's race. Have fun guys and after the race please let me know if you have any ideas that might help everyone when you go to Remnants track.

Mike Keely
2012.10.30, 01:43 PM
Gary also has trophies for the top 3 this weekend in the 90mm class! The other class is what we normally run. The 70 turn motors are not close to stock. That is about all you can say is that they have 70 turn arms in them.:D If you can drive a clean line you can beat them with a true stock 70 turn motor. I do most of the time. Gary and Saint are making it much harder for me lately.

2012.11.02, 06:54 PM
doors open at 10am!

2012.11.03, 08:19 PM
got back a short while ago, big wreck on the beltway had me sitting for a goor 40 minutes.

thank you to Remnant Race Track (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/data/738/IMG_32981.jpg) for hosting the event! thank you to the VA guys who made the LONG trek up to join in the frustration, i mean fun:p

what can i say, not a good weekend for my 90mm car. blew the fets last week in practice. replaced the fets this morning and blew them again in testing. needless to say i sat out 90mm for the day. i had reached my threshold for frustration and wanted to enjoy the day so skipped 90mm despite offers for loaner cars (thanks for the offers guys) and just ran 94-98mm stock (open class).

some technical difficulties with the timing system off to a late start. between all the various drivers registered and various system setting changes, lets just say it was not going smoothly like we hoped. i skipped all the preplanning and simply ran practice mode and hand sorted to get us going. if your not familiar with race management, it's a bit overwhelming for the uninitiated. i still don't know what everything does and still not 100% on anything. it's not really intuitive but thats another story.

i certainly hope everyone had fun. 90mm is a very different animal and we like to change it up to try new things and broaden horizons and experience levels as well as attempt to have fun in the process. some of the cars were running great, others, not so much. it was very much a mixed bag but overall, there were none that were overly rollover happy, etc.

i had my hands full marshalling, running the computer, etc. so i only managed to record the A main (http://youtu.be/OiAr4KUd18c).
dark green cooper = nat, remnant racing
highlighter yellow cooper = dwight, remnant racing
white beetle = bill, washington dc gtg

i have photos as well and uploading those now and will edit them back here when done.

90mm Hatchback A Main Winners
Nat, Remnant Racing
Dwight, Remnant Racing
Bill, Washington DC GTG

94-98mm stock (open class) A Main Winners
Bill, Washington DC GTG
David, Remnant Racing
Ian, Washington DC GTG

there was talk of doing this again in december however i missed that conversation. all i can say is i should have my 90mm car fixed by then.

thanks again for the food and especially the banana bread;)

2012.11.04, 09:25 AM
Good time and great race. Wish I could have done better in the compact class to make it atleast a tighter race but that's how it goes. Gary is wanting to do this race again sometime next month. Hope that a new board will fix your car Ray.

2012.11.04, 09:44 AM
location for next time fredericksburg? your shop can accommodate a much larger layout.

2012.11.04, 10:50 AM
Yeah but there was no discussion on location. I was thinking about the HFAY big track event. Do we want to do this race? We could possibly do both at the same time.

2012.11.04, 11:39 AM
i agree. no reason why we can't do both. could always expand the track after the BTE if needed. that way we're not racing the same layout 3 times in a day. just enough to make it different.

december 8th is the usual 2nd satruday

Mike Keely
2012.11.04, 06:52 PM
Sorry to here things went so bad for you Ray. I hope to be at the next one to to help out and not have so much on your plate. How was the turn out? Did Gary have the food for everyone? Sounds like I missed a good time.

2012.11.04, 07:45 PM
what can you do. sometimes it just isn't your day. the timing system mixup was user error really. once i figured out what was wrong, it worked well all night except for demone. i had to hand count him each time. simply didn't have time to troubleshoot his transponder so just counted his laps when he came up. i spent the pre-game setup time trying to fix my board so next time it should go more smoothly. also working to teach gary how the setup works and can automate the process. still need to figure out how to get the various formats to work with the system though other than a lot of manual sorting.

we had 8 cars in all classes so it was good. if gary and myself had run 90mm it would have been 10.

pizza, wings, home made brownies and banana bread. all good in my book.:p

2012.11.05, 02:19 AM
thanks for sharing the pics and vid... that yellow car looked like it was flying... saw that you used the bridge that you fabricated... kinda feel for your bad car woes... kinda bummer having not to have fun running in the race... looked like the track had different tiles, were there any traction/transition problems between the different tiles?

Mike Keely
2012.11.05, 12:26 PM
It looked like Bill was driving the best line but was traction rolling. There is more traction on the black tiles over the gray tiles. I was thinking that we should go back to the all black tiles.

2012.11.05, 12:43 PM
easy enough to do, they are all on the 2nd floor space. it's a 20 minute swap out at most. maybe use the grey tiles to setup a hfay track on the 2nd floor?

2012.11.08, 11:52 AM
It looked like Bill was driving the best line but was traction rolling. There is more traction on the black tiles over the gray tiles. I was thinking that we should go back to the all black tiles.

Your right about that Mike, but it was still fun. :)

Mike Keely
2012.11.17, 10:18 PM
Had some time today to really work on my 90mm car. Got it very consistant with my lap times only .200 of a second slower then my stock car. We are planning to race them on Tuesday and Sat now. Hope some of you can come.

2012.11.20, 11:26 AM
is there a mailing list to get on or something? Besides this forum, are there other places where DC area GTGs are posted?
For example, Mike mentioned Tuesday and Sat...

I haven't been attending events, but always monitor these boards in case I get a chance to make it out!


2012.11.20, 12:02 PM
What Mike I think is saying is that they are racing at remnant club at temple hills Md. They usually race or practice Tuesday and Saturday of every week.

2012.12.18, 10:24 AM
guys, Remant will be holding a continuous 90mm series as well as stock class series starting in january. their races will be held on non-HFAY weekends as remnant will continue to join us for HFAY. mike is working on their schedule now.