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2012.10.15, 10:44 AM
Looked like I once again had the fastest car on the short straight at the last HFAY - October 13... (going clean through the inner section is another thing... working on it).

On sunday, I cleaned up the 70T I had in my F1 and broke-in a new 70T. During next week-end--or the one after (schedule is rather busy with two young kids), I will try to compare my times with the three different motors to see if the 70T in my car is a hot one or if other motors perform the same. I'll keep all other things equal...

The are three things I did to my car that may help make the motor go fast:

I re-fetted the car with whatever Fets were the hottest at the time (keeping the number of fets at 4).
I re-wired the car. I had some intermittent cut-off. So, I put bigger wires everywhere and skipped the on/off switch.
I used matched cells. I matched the cell on a muchmore, and sorted them by capacity/voltage thoughout the discharge cycle. Always use the hottest packs for qualifying/racing...

Don't hold your breath, but will eventually post comparative times on this tread.

2012.10.15, 11:55 AM
Well you definetly came a Long way with your skills. Your car is very fast, but it ain't all car. I guess I need to fet my chassis. All I do is break the motors in and match the batteries. The wiring is stock and I still use the on/off switch. But the batteries are starting to fade after over 2 years of abuse.
But sometimes you can get a good motor from time to time. I think it was last year I had a couple of good motors from a batch I got. But I forgot the exact break in method I use.:o Oh well. Lol

2012.10.15, 12:12 PM
motor variation is real. i typically buy 3 at a time simply because at least 1 is noticeably slower than the others.

i replace all the 3010 fets with 4562 in my mr-03's with the exception of my stock chassis. more out of necessity really as i fried fets in every single mr-03 i've ever owned, even the stock chassis.

i look forward to your results Rene. i attribute your lap counts more to skill than speed:cool:

2012.10.15, 03:12 PM
I'm running a MR-03 with stock wiring and with the on/off switch. I'm running peak batteries, or Team Scream Batteries. the last few motors I've run have been straight form the bag into the car. I haven't had the them to break them in properly.

for the smaller HFAY tracks consistency is the Most important thing as any slight gain in speed is lost with one wreck, even a rail rub or slight bump will cost you more time than you can gain. Now if you can run the full 8 minutes cleanly and can you the extra speed this is where having the little extra can really help, but adding a few laps more over the course of the race.

2012.10.15, 06:49 PM
I fully agree that for HFAY, or any race that is, consistency is what matters and the reason why you don't see my name in the top ten. However, my car is quite fast down the straight, so I am just curious to see if the motor is what makes the difference. I can do a hot lap, but i need much work before I can do a 100 of them...

2012.10.21, 05:35 PM
So, 1200 laps later, I would say practice matters, consistency will give you laps, but motors don't seem to make much of a difference on a 2 wide L track.
With my usual HFAY, I had two hot laps of 4.06 and 4.09 and a number of laps in the 4.1.
I then switch to a new PN70T that I had broke-in the usual way. I did a 4.00 and a 4.04 and many laps in the low 4.1. The motor did not feel faster than the other one, but it looked like it had more drag brake, which made it easier to drive faster around one lap.
I then put in the PN70T that I had in my F1. Took me a while to set up, as it seemed to bind on the reflex motor mount. Finally got it sorted out. That motor was a bit slower. I did a 4.09, but this was without a doubt my best lap of the week-end. All my other faster laps were in the high 4.1 (4.17--4.19).
If we were still doing five minutes qualifiers, I wouldn't mind using the F1 motor; it has less punch which makes it easier to do many laps without hitting the walls. Since we now qualify based on fastest lap, I think it's time for me to replace by my good old HFAY motor by a new one...

2012.10.21, 06:19 PM
qualifying by hot lap isn't perfect because literally anyone can get a hot lap at some point. it's just a change of pace to sort mains vs. having to run races seemingly over and over the traditional way of heats into mains. hot lap doesn't hold much weight really because rarely does the hot lap holder end up with the most laps in the end. it's fun though and it saves us hours :p

the goal really in our qualifying is to know what you need to get to get you into the grouping you prefer. i don't really go out to use the full time to get a best possible lap, just one that i can live with that gets me into a grouping that is complementary to my skill level. its similar to the issue you face where someone is always trying to beat the driver ahead of them vs. achieving their own best results. there is a distinct difference and it does change the manner in which you race.

faster isn't always better. the right choice is what will give you the best results that answer isn't always readily evident and often requires lengthy trial and error. :p

bill wrote this bit of wisdom earlier; There is no motor or fet limit. If you think you can run a mini cooper with a 33 turn motor and double stack fets have at it.

2012.10.22, 07:00 AM
The one great advantage of qualifiying by hot lap is that we were out before 6PM on last HFAY even though we were 14 people racing. I also find that it's big fun; I recall once getting the pole ahead of you on B main by doing my hot lap after the beep calling the end of practice... Whatever we end up doing, I must say that I always have a great time running HFAY with the guys.
Thanks to you for organizing the Club and Brian for putting the series together.