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2012.10.15, 05:34 PM

I'm thinking of getting back into Mini-Z over the winter, and it's great to see a local Mini-Z track in the Toronto area!

On looking at the track schedule, it appears that you are only open for race days. Is this the case, or are you open at other times for open practice? I have an old MA-010 that I'd like to run around without getting in everyone's way.


2012.10.15, 09:33 PM
You are right, we are only open 1 x week (which matches race days). This week, we're open Friday 6-11 pm.

Come on out.

Don't worry about "getting in everyone's way"; all the racers are supportive and helpful.

The way the day works is open practice for most of the night, so you'll have lots of time to knock the rust off and hopefully get a good setup.

We usually start qualifiers at 8pm. They are 5 min each with time in between to further practice and tune your car. Then we run the main races.

Hope you see you Friday.

2012.10.16, 07:03 AM
Thanks for the quick response. I'm trying to resurrect my 4 year old Nimh batteries at the moment, but I hope to come out within the next few weeks.

How is the building for using the AM radio equipment? Are there any known glitching issues? I am a pre-ASF Mini-Z guy :)

2012.10.16, 07:27 AM
The ceiling is very high and there have been no reported problems with regard to AM over the 3 years we've been open. However, sometimes 2.4 guys lose binding somehow and have to rebind. Not sure if that is a space problem.

Usually you run into problems with AM in tight small spaces. If you do run into serious issues though, I have a couple of 2.4 MR15 on hand that I could lend one so at least you get to run.

2012.10.16, 07:38 AM
Hey, thanks a lot! I'll try my best to come out and run with you guys. Having bought a house and now being married since I last drove R/C, time is in short supply....

2012.11.05, 09:01 AM
I'm going to try and come out this Friday to shakedown my $25 special F1 car and my new MR-03 if it comes in the mail this week.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and getting some practice time in!