View Full Version : Denver Metro area racers unite!?

2012.10.17, 10:13 AM
I go down to CO Springs and race every few weekends, but I would like to have a track here in the metro area some where. I have 3 Wide-L RCP tracks and would really like to get some people together and race.

Not sure if there are any mini-z's in the area but it's worth a shot.

Let me know if your interested.

2012.10.17, 11:51 AM
Are you close to this club?:


Oh... this is prolly the crew you already race with, right?

2012.10.17, 12:20 PM
Doesn't look like they have any post of recent, but I think I race with a few of them in the Springs.

I really need to be closer to a coast for some good action!