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2012.10.18, 04:29 PM
We will be hosting a Mini-Z meet. RCP track will be set up inside a squash court. Plenty of pit space, tables, chairs and parking. Venue also has canteen and numerous takeaway shops next door so should be good.

Venue: The Village Recreation Centre,
39 Mt Druitt Road, Mt Druitt Village NSW
Dates: 20/10/12 & 03/11/12 (looking at running every 2 weeks after)
Time: 5:00pm until 10pm (includes track setup and packing)
Classes: stock (motors 70turn above) & modified (open motors) . Cars must have ICS connection to power ILaps transponder.
Cost: $10.00

Everyone welcome. Kits and Spares will also be available forsale. PM me or call me on 0416 017 409 if you have any questions.

I will post pics and maybe a video after the weekend. :)

2012.10.20, 03:22 PM
A short vid of the nights action. See you all in 2 weeks. Same time and place :)

2012.11.05, 01:51 AM
Video of some action on the weekend.:)

See you guys next meet on November 17, same time & place.

2012.11.18, 10:33 PM
Video of some action on the weekend:D


See you guys next meet on December 1, same time & place.

2012.11.21, 02:41 AM
looks like a lot of nice racing going on... :D
thanks for sharing... looks like you set up the track in a a squash court... a couple of questions...
how does that work? you rent the court out or something? how much does it cost? and where do you get your power source for the computer and lapcounter in the court? how long does it take to set and take down the track?

2012.11.21, 03:10 AM
Yes, we race on a rented Squash courts. I rent it for 5 hrs every 2 weeks. I live 5 mins away so I just bring all the rcp and timing. It takes me a few helpers 30 mins to set the track and about the same to pack. The mains power is only an extension cord away to power the laptop and just outside the court it self is enough space to fit 20 racers pitting in. It's only early days as we just had are 3rd meet in the same venue. I charge $10 per racers so if I get 6 starters that covers then rent.:D We have close to 30 racers that have come to one of the meets, but the most we had in a time was 12 I think. Still alot of growing and potential. My aim is to get the club running every week with a minimum 15 racers. The owners of the venue are very good and even hinted maybe next year they can give me a small space to leave the rcp track there which is a +.