View Full Version : Audi R8 body question

2012.10.18, 05:14 PM

I've just bought an Audi R8 body to use on my MR-03, and I can see that the side body mounts are about 1mm too wide on each side (I think this is normal with AWD bodies on and MR-03),allowing the body to move sideways on the chassis.

Can anybody tell me another way to easily fix this without having to take off the body mounts and put spacers in?


2012.10.18, 05:37 PM
if it moves around a lot you could probably glue some teflon tape onto the clips where the connect to the body to eat up some space.

2012.10.19, 01:33 AM
Many options abound, I used to use Elmer's glue to build up the slot, then jam the body onto the chassis to form it for good, but servo tape is the most convenient way of softly spacing out the body and protecting the side clips from side impact damage. Highly recommend it, I steal a bit of mugler's from time to time as it takes only 2x4mm worth per side clip to fully seat the body. :)