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2012.10.19, 09:51 AM
I'm just getting into mini z cars and am wondering if there is a book available that explains this car in ways a total newb can understand. I'm looking for info on things like changing tires (gluing/taping), effects of different wheels and tires and other mods to steering and suspension, and basically anything a newb should know about these cars. I'd also like to find some track plans that I could use to set up some temporary tracks in my living room or on my patio. I'm interested in turn radius and lane width on straight aways and through turns as well as suggestions on materials to use for a diy track. Having all of this info in one place like a book would be very helpful to me. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Kim

2012.10.19, 10:04 AM
Virtually anything that you might want or need can be found on this forum. The manual that comes with each new car is comprehensive for the beginner but beyond that you just have to look around.

There are significant posts from members like EMU, benmlee and Color01 that are very helpful. Just ask.

2012.10.19, 07:34 PM
I'm a nebe to the best place I'v found is Mini-z definitive guide.com it's the bible on the car that and this forum

2012.10.20, 03:17 AM
actually the site is http://www.mini-z-guide.com/
i believe benmlee set it up.… great info on that site as well…

also +1 on mleemor60… emu, benmlee, color01 have significant posts regarding anything you might wasnt to know about mini-z's… just ask away

you could also use the search function of this site…

oh and welcome to the forums… :D

2012.10.21, 08:27 AM
Thanks for all of the suggestions guys. I've done a lot of reading here in the last few days and have learned a lot. MagicMan posted some good reading in his "the importance of..." thread. Also, the Mini-Z Guide site was very helpful. Hopefully I'll get my car back from KYOSHO this coming week and can try to put some of these suggestions to use.


2012.10.21, 08:57 AM
The best "reading" you can have is when you are driving with others.

Others can see if you are doing something wrong or if you can do something different or if you just can try something else.

They can "remind" you of changing tires. More or less pressure on the springs. Looser diff. Or whatever...

I found that driving with some experienced drivers gave me more stability and a better setup. I don't drive like them, but they gave me suggestions on what I could try. Both on my transmitter and on my cars.

Ask questions and change one thing at the time.

Good luck