View Full Version : My WTB thread vanished

2012.10.22, 08:03 PM
I posted a WTB thread (WTB mini-z Ferrari 250 GTO body) on the marketplace section about 4 days ago, I had a reply earlier today which I then replied; well, somehow the thread is missing. Did I do something wrong, does anybody has any clues ?

2012.10.22, 08:48 PM
The forum seems to be having some glitches...

2012.10.22, 09:16 PM
there was an 'issue' with the data center and it appears the forum came back up with a slightly earlier time stamp so to speak. i've gotten notification emails for replies that don't exist:p

2012.10.22, 10:21 PM
Thanks guys, I'll re-post.

2012.10.22, 11:56 PM
Seems like some threads disappeared too. My new post search brings up posts from a few days ago.

Actually... now it's current... Weird!