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2012.10.26, 01:20 PM
Looking to build the ultimate MR03 for time trials/Racing on my home expanded Mini-96 RCP Track.

Body? Mclaren F1, Murc, 599xx?
Diff? Gear diff or Ball Diff?
Motor Mount? PN Racing reconfigurable 98mm or other?
Motor? Best motor that does not require FET upgrade? or if FET upgrade is recommended even for a tight track best motor w/ FET upgrade?
Tires? I have had good success w/ Parada Rears, and Kyosho 20degree fronts, what is the recommended combo?
Disk Damper/Shock? Which one?
T-Plates? Carbon Fiber, any recommended #?
Front End? Stainless Kingpins? Any other upgrades?
Bearings? Ceramic or Standard?
Other? Any other recommended upgrades

Any input is greatly appreciated I have gone through the forums and obviously there are many different opinions? I'm trying to get a sense of what the ultimate set-up would be if you had no restrictions.

2012.10.26, 07:58 PM
Audi R8 LMS with lexan window.
PN70T motor
Reflex motor pod
Reflex tri-damper
Reflex Adjustable front
Reflex raised lower bar
Kyosho yellow damper
PN X15 cut down

This is maybe not the best, but it's a fun start and works great on Mini-96.
Maybe the PN43T runs faster when you controll PN70T.

2012.10.26, 10:41 PM
only thing i would change from the above is body. either a f430 or my favorite sc430. little easier to drive harder on the smaller track. tires are subject to the track so that could vary

2012.10.26, 10:55 PM
Thanks for the info. Time to start working on the new build!

2012.10.27, 06:30 AM
My experience is that a I don't have to many flips or rolls with a wider body.
But then again I'm not very experienced.
I like +2/+3 offset wheels.

Used a lot og Ferrari 360 GTC, but still I can drive harder and faster with the Audi R8 LMS.

2015.11.12, 01:14 PM
I'm using Ferrari 458 Italia with lexan window and work pretty well, but check if you dont have fritcion on the front, back and wheels. I use dremel to fix it.