View Full Version : Mini-Z 2WD Reconfigurable Carbon Fiber Motor Mount

2012.10.27, 06:56 PM
this kit is sold in 94mm and 98mm flavors. i see there is a base plate for 90mm which is said to require Mini-Z MR-015/MR-02/MR-03 RM 94mm/98mm Reconfigurable Carbon Fiber Motor Mount RM Motor Plate.

i want to confirm i can buy either the 94mm or 98mm kit and simply replace the bottom base plate to run 90mm? will this fit under hatchback bodies?

what motor mount does this part go to? Mini-Z MR-015 MM/MR-02 MM 90mm Motor Mount Lay Down Motor Plate MR9095

or is the Ultra compact mid motor mounting location for 90mm MR015 & MR02 Chassis the only one suitable for 90mm hatchbacks?

2012.10.28, 10:13 PM
You'll need the 90mm carbon plate as well as the RM motor adapter (mirrored version of the 98mm motor adapter plate AFAIK) to run 90RM -- the mount was not designed for 90MM but you can always try on your own (good luck clearing the left axle holder with the motor endbell).