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2012.10.28, 02:01 AM
So, I'm a little behind on what's hot... lol

1) I noticed after last nights race at FPR, most (if not all) had lexan windows. Is this the trend on miniz and PN approved?

2) I like the SC430 a lot but is there other body in 94mm config, with round front bumper?

3) What is the mod motor to use now? Also, Sagisi gave me PN50T... is this the new stock motor?

4) Atomic... Do they still have races here in US?

2012.10.28, 08:22 AM
hey tj nice seeing you post again…

PN makes lexan windows of popular bodies that are used for racing, i'm pretty sure that there is one for the sc 430… not quite sure if it's approved for stock, but for mod, it probably might be…

there's an atomic world cup race in Bangkok on November 23-25… wish i could go, i have a prior commitment… here's the link
have seen some articles on past atomic events (h.k. & taiwan) & it would be nice to see/experience a sponsored world event like this…

wish I could help you out on your other questions… welcome back

2012.10.28, 08:46 AM
found this link re bodies…

for releases this year…

hot body now, i've read is the audi r8 with a ferrari 458 coming out soon…

the r8 is actually an awd body, but some guys use it on a 2wd chassis… it is the widest track width kyosho has come out with so far… and is actually a mm 98 config… and i've read some guys drive it at a 96mm set up… can't wait for the 458 to come out…

hope this helps

2012.10.28, 12:03 PM
1. Atomic and PN started to make lexan windows for different mini-z bodies this year. PN allows them in the PNWC since they also make the windows. They are easier to install (no cutting windows individually, etc...) and lighter. Not to mention, it's cool to see the inside of the car. I would just pop out the windows on your car and install the Atomic lexan window ($3).

2. The f430gt and f360 (shaved front splitter) seem to handle the corners really well. They just glide off of the corners.

3. The PN 33 turn motor is very popular but there are other pn/atomic motors that are plenty fast. For ILR, the stock motor is 50 turn at 9/53.

4. no lol

unearthed name
2012.10.28, 06:43 PM
1. lexan window is the norm now. you can use it, you might not want to use it. in indonesia, lexan window is legal. so does in this year PNWC. and therefore the minimum weight has been shaved from 175 to 170 gram.

2. f430 GT and f360 GT with lexan wing is quite good. you need to shave f360 gt front splitter as BLT said.

3. we are using 70 turn motor for stock in indonesia. 50 turn is also popular for mod and so does some atomic motor like stock-r

4. no.

2012.10.28, 07:29 PM
side note, pnwc is holding a race also in nov. 9-11 at ILR… :D

2012.10.28, 07:35 PM
Welcome back TJ. I think Luke (BLT), answered it well. Hope you enjoy your Z return.:)

2012.10.28, 10:26 PM
Wonderful, the master of handing me my arse is back in the show. :p

Sign ups for PNWC this year at Binh's place are officially, closed, but you can probably call Binh and ask him what to do if you're interested in jumping back in.

You've used the 360GTC before so you know how it works generally, it gets even better with Lexan window and wing (in Stock 70/50t). For Mod (and still very good in Stock) the new hot stuff is the Audi R8 as mentioned, at Kenon we're hitting about 0.2-0.3 faster per lap using the R8 vs. the gold standard Mosler.

Definitely, definitely show up at ILR on Nov 9-11, it'll be good to see you again man. :)

2012.10.28, 11:40 PM
Thank you everyone! I appreciate the reply.

I thought they came out with a new body that will replace my SC430 but I guess not. I've tried the F430 and F360... They're just not my type of driving and I don't want to mess with 96 or 98 so 98mm body is out.

PNWC on the 10th. I have a party on the 10th but the wife is cool for me to come home by noon which means, I can do 1-2 qual... If I do this, I have to be at ILR starting tomorrow. Hmm... I may have to ping Binh. We'll see.

2012.10.29, 03:59 AM
good luck... :D