View Full Version : Brushless Miniz Buggy's, when?

2012.10.28, 12:46 PM
Brushless Miniz Buggy's, when?

I think it's time for Kyosho start them....
The mr03 2wd is coming out brushless next January.... yah right...2wd brushless? spin out, flips, roll overs every time... lalalalaa

Maybe they could shout themselves and start making profit on other's like the mini inferno, that is an good car but on stock is just a toy!.... An mini inferno brushless to compete with the queen mister Losi M8!

Nowdays everything should be 4x4 and brushless, period.

For normal racers depending on 2wd keep their bussiness...

But for newbies or hardcore speeders 4x4 and brushless are needed these days...

So Miniz Buggys Brushless, when?????????????? Kyosho??