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2012.10.29, 11:49 PM
Hello everyone! I'm Mike Cervantes new to MiniZ and to the forum. My local track in RCKenon in Baldwin Park, CA. Learning all to do with MiniZ and enjoying it! MR02 with mild mods only. I need more mods in the driver rather then the car so Practice is what I am working on now!
See you at the track!

2012.10.30, 02:38 AM
hi mike... it's me... :D welcome to the forums!!!!

nice to see your first post.... i was wondering when you would finally do it...

have you been back to kenon? i've posted something about our little trip....

click here (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=437427&posted=1#post437427)

i miss that place already.... lol... don't forget to bring luigi there next time he's in town... :D

p.s. is that you on the new kart?

2012.10.30, 02:39 AM
any plans of joining the pnwc race? :D