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2012.10.30, 07:58 AM
I am sure that everybody that has any involvment with Sandy whether wanted or unwanted is pretty busy right now. As soon as is possible how about checking in here and letting the rest of us know how the storm has treated you and if there is anything that any of the rest of us can do to help. No drama please. There is enough of that already.

Just need to know how everybody is doing and that they are safe and as secure as possible.

2012.10.30, 08:39 AM
had some scary moments with the wind gusts and heavy rainfall and the power flickered but rode out the storm in good condition this time. it closed mass transit so no work either. we did get just shy of 10" of rain. it's also very cold. last night was freezing. i thought we were going to get some snow.

i hope the guys farther north are ok, they got it worse than we did.

2012.10.30, 12:48 PM
All is mostly good. No electric/cable as usual .:rolleyes:Besides that..just yard clean-up if and when the wind dies down more.

Mike Keely
2012.10.30, 01:28 PM
I had the generator hooked up and ready to turn the key for once in my life. Needless to say that we never even got the lights to flicker once. Looks like I now know how to keep the power on.:) Glad to hear that everyone is OK. Thanks for asking Mike.

2012.10.30, 02:00 PM
glad to hear from some of you guys, Hope all it going good and everyone is staying safe.

2012.10.30, 02:08 PM
all good where im at. luckily my electric stayed on. saw some cool transformers pop and make some cool green light in the dark sky. winds were up there and some heavy rain.

2012.10.30, 07:34 PM
A lot of wind and rain yesterday and through the night. Lost power at 9pm but it surprising came back around 1am. Work closed today. But the weather drastically improved this morning. All good.

2012.10.30, 09:42 PM
living a tropical country for most of my life, i know what it's like to go through one of these things (unfortunately for us though it comes several times a year)... hope and pray everybody is safe...

2012.10.31, 10:29 AM
Power is still out back at my place, finally dragged my butt to work after going into town to get a shower at dear old mom's place. Hopefully the power comes back on by tonight!

Basement is ok, wasn't really that bad rain-wise so the RCP stayed dry!

2012.10.31, 10:35 AM
the track would have soaked it up if you sprung a leak, your own personal shamwow floor covering:p

2012.11.03, 12:23 PM
I was very lucky, but our NJ shore town was simply devastated. Power should be out another 10 days to 2 weeks in my area. There is a countywide curfew in effect, no one is allowed out of their house from 7pm to 7am. The National Guard was visible on Wednesday. We have a gas stove and an undamaged gas line so we are fortunate. Necessities are scarce and people are banding together to help each other.

The ocean reached my house about a quarter mile from the beach around 8pm Monday night but stopped there. My street was the only one that was passable from Main Street to the beach. Thank goodness our old neighbors freaked out and caused us to move last month. Our old house is now in Sylvan Lake which expanded its borders by 5 to 8 blocks to the north, west and south. I hope the pumps get here soon, I have friends and former neighbors who are homeless until they can drain that lake back into the ocean.

My restaurants (now 2 of them) were spared any major damage. The choice to lease inside quite solid buildings was always part of our plan and it helped. It may be weeks before we can reopen and start serving some of those Hip Pockets.

Best wishes everyone...

2012.11.03, 03:56 PM
Been following the coverage about Staten Island... terrible stuff, hope they get the power back on soon there, I was without for only a few days and it was getting rough... I can't even begin to imagine what some are going through in that area!

I wonder if anyone thought to send in some gas tankers to fill up all the stations In the area ahead of time? Or did that happen and the usage levels drained the supplies that fast?

2012.11.04, 04:28 AM
i need to find more GAS,:confused: