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2012.10.31, 06:55 PM
Hi all,

The wife was out at a wedding shower on Sunday. What else should I do but cruise local hobby shops? Who knows what I'll come across?

Allow me to show you, friends. I managed to get quite a score at one of the shops. For $25, I got a complete MF-010 and a box of parts!

Have a look at the pictures below. The box only has the F1 parts in it now, but it was filled with old tires (mostly thrown away except for two 15deg and 4 30deg narrow slicks that were still in good shape) and loads or MR-01 parts which I put away, including an alu rear pod (Kyosho I think), rear oil shock assembly (blue in colour, not sure who made it) and lots of carbon t-plates and front sway bars.

Also shown in the pics are 6 aluminum wheels. I think they are Kyosho, but maybe someone can identify them? The mesh style are wide offset, so may still work with the popular bodies. Also got a mint set of plastic Enzo wheels.

As for the chassis, the mods I can see are the carbon side plates, rear shock, front toe links (came with a full unused set), ball diff (not sure the brand of the one that's installed, maybe Atomic?), aluminum motor mount/cover, X-speed motor, option springs for front, side and rear and I think the fets were done on the board. It also came with a Kyosho ball diff in pieces that I'm thinking I may get an aluminum or Ti shaft for and rebuild.

Came with 3 brand new pairs of 30deg rear tires, but I doubt they're still 30deg since they've been exposed to the air for a few years likely.

I have gone through the car and it's in great shape other than the body. I tested it yesterday and it works just fine.

Not bad for $25, eh? Looks like I'm running F1 class this winter!





2012.10.31, 07:55 PM
great find you lucky dog!

from the looks of it, and if i'm not mistaken, based on the make and finish the alu rims are gpm (i got a set that is quite similar)… the other pair also looks like a set that i have, but i just can't recall the make…

the diff on your f1 also looks like gpm (my brother had one also in blue :D) and the marlboro livery on it looks great…

congratulations on your recent purchase

2012.10.31, 08:25 PM
nice looking score...

In the box of stuff I'd check if that gold colored diff fits the F1...it looks a lot like a Kyosho diff for f1 (I have one just like it) and it'd be the better option to run than the GPM one.

After a couple years of sitting the tires will most likely suck.:D

very jealous of the body though...i wasnt aware that there was a McLaren Honda body out there (unless thats someones own work and if so great job!)

the 2 narrow gold that dont match the rears look like Topcad and the matching set of gold BBS style wheels might be Square (but not entirely sure) Either way they are show wheels rather than racing wheels....

The last thing I noticed is that the chassis itself came with the CF upgrade side boards flex plates. I found them to be very stiff for racing but that was maybe my driving. Be ready to look at them for a swap back to stock if you don't find much RCP compliance.

Again...lucky duck!:D

2012.10.31, 08:39 PM
Thanks a lot!

I managed to find the mesh wheels on GPM's website. Couldn't find the spoked wheels or the F1 diff though.

The body was definitely a custom paint job. Some of the decals are from a Ferrari body set and the driver's head is a gundam :) It's pretty wrecked, sadly.

The rear diff is definitely kyosho as the parts seem to match the one for my MR-01, and the shaft is the same length as the stock F1 gear diff. It also came with another narrow ball diff that is the same colour but with slightly different shaped parts. Not sure if it's a revision of the parts or another manufacturer.

2012.11.01, 08:47 AM
i've got bbs style rims made by square and gpm, and from the pics, i'm almost certain that they are not are not square :D

gpm during those days were the only guys making third party stuff, they were cheap, looked cool and were quite sturdy.

the f1 is a cool custom, could you kindly post a pic of it fully assembled?

as for the ball diff the only way you'll know if it's f1 is to try it on the chassis.… i believe the mr01 diff had a white spur gear… another thing, the f1 diff is bigger than the mr01 :D

enjoy your purchase :D

oh i think that somebody is looking for an mr01 motorpod in the marketplace forums.… you might want to sell it to him good luck :D

2012.11.01, 06:49 PM
As requested by Herman, here is a pic of the car all assembled. I had to put some rear tires on the front since there are no front tires yet, but you get the idea.

The paint scheme is cool, but looks pretty rough in person. I'm thinking of either repainting it or getting a new white body for it.


2012.11.01, 10:38 PM
I need to get one of them Gundam heads for PNWC! :eek: Never made the connection before, that is so sweet.

2012.11.02, 08:04 PM
great pic… thanks for sharing :D

here's the link (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38413&highlight=mr01+motor+mount) to the guy needing mr01 parts (if you don't need them anymore)

good luck

2012.11.02, 08:23 PM
No worries!

So I've begun taking the car apart for some more rehab. The ball diff is really interesting. It has a lighter shaft than the kyosho. I don't have a small scale so I can't tell for sure if it's a different material or not, but it definitely feels lighter in the hand. All of the components feel much lighter than the Kyosho equivalents.

The diff also uses 12 tiny balls instead of the six or eight larger ones that are more common.

Since I have enough to build both the random blue (GPM?) diff and the Kyosho one, I'll try them out. The only thing I noticed is that the diff gear is black. Should it be black or white? Maybe I'll buy a 64 pitch spur for it instead and get a set of matching pinions...

I also discovered stainless kingpins in the front! How is the x-speed motor power-wise? Comparable to a PN 70T? I have a 70T kicking around that I may use instead.

As for the MR-01 parts, I plan on keeping them in case I ever want to build my original car into a showpiece.