View Full Version : Aeromicro's taking over FPR's Mini-Z Racing Grand Opening Event

2012.11.05, 12:45 PM
In an earlier post I mentioned something was in the "works" well we got some great news for everyone!!! The FPR crew will be gathering this upcoming Saturday 11/10/2012 for the grand opening Mini-Z race at AeroMicro in Santa Clara about 10 minutes away for FPR's old location. Make sure you guys mark your calendars... Racing will start 10am so come a little early to test out the new Mini-Z track and Perry's new off-road/on-road part of the shop. It will be good to reunite everyone and have some fun racing again.

Make sure you reply to the F******k event so we can estimate attendance this week.

https://www f******k com/events/522522211108718/

Here is the preview of the track.

We will be setting up the pits in the offices, and the timing system will be up by the end of the week for practice early Saturday morning.


2012.11.05, 12:48 PM
The new address for the track

2090 Duane Avenue, Santa Clara, CA.

2012.11.06, 07:15 AM
congrats in advance :D