View Full Version : 90mm 80 turn AAA class for Winter

2012.11.05, 02:09 PM
I've been approached by quite a few racers who want to run a 90mm wheelbase class.

This is the format:

- same 90mm body for all racers (Majority of racers voted Ferrari F40)
- all run the PN 80 turn motor
- all need to run AAA
- rubber tires only
- any chassis config okay, i.e. MR02/03/MA-010/015

Package price for the white body and motor is available in store only.

F40 white bodies have been ordered and will be arriving within a couple of weeks max.

We will run this class on Fridays, starting Friday, November 30th.

2012.11.05, 02:35 PM
I'd be interested for sure! Would be MA-010 work well for the class?

2012.11.08, 12:35 PM
good idea. let's do it.

2012.11.09, 08:51 AM
We will start running this class in addition to the open touring class on Fridays, with the first race being November 30th.

2012.11.09, 11:40 AM
I've finally stopped being lazy and reset my MZR password.

I like the idea of a spec NiMh class, my opinion on a few things:

-Make sure whatever type of body we use is available in white body for those who don't want to drop 50 bucks on a painted one (ie: me)

-Make the motor spec specifically the bushing (not bearing) model to keep costs down because of the inconsistency and life of PN motors.

-Lastly, offer a package price which includes a chassis kit for those of us who don't have a second chassis?


2012.11.09, 12:01 PM
Hi Chris,

I've worked out a "package" price for a Kyosho white body (either F40 or Porsche GT1...we need the group to decide) and a PN 80 turn spec motor which I will disclose at track tonight.

As far as the chassis goes, I have the ones in stock on sale already...

I'm personally going to run my 2.4 AWD with the PN double a arm suspension and Atomic SAS rear as it was configured for 90mm Audi TT body before.

See you tonight. We all can discuss how best to run it and support it.



2012.11.10, 02:11 PM
I vote f40

2012.11.12, 08:56 AM
series is on and F40 was the body of choice. see first post for details

2012.11.29, 09:49 AM
Reminder this series starts (tomorrow) this Friday (Nov 30!)