View Full Version : My 1st Attempt at Airbrush Audi R8

2012.11.07, 08:15 AM
Well here is my 1st attempt at Airbrushing.

Not great but it turned out OK.

I had a fair bit of Bleeding under the mask as I thinned the paint too much on the 1st coat and I had got impatient and masked the body about a week before I painted it.

After I had finished I had some paint on the white areas and decided to paint the white (i know do the white 1st). Again impatience meant I didnt strip it back down and bodged it and using a brush so it's not great but it does the job.
The white areas will be covered with decals so it shouldn't look too bad.

Just need to wait for the lexan window and the new wheels.

2012.11.07, 08:19 AM
that looks great compared to the body i tried to paint. i like the contrast between the red white and black.

2012.11.07, 08:21 AM
Tried to keep it Simple but not too basic.

Cant help thinking it looks like the Tommi Makinen evo :)

2012.11.07, 08:26 AM
Almost my scheme.

Looking good. You going to coat it or?

2012.11.07, 08:35 AM
I have a can of Tamyia Clear so will use that after the decals have been applied.

I wish I could paint better :( I want to do quite a complicated scheme, just have to keep on practising :)

2012.11.07, 08:40 AM
did you use primer or did you sand down the body before applying paint?

2012.11.07, 08:45 AM
did you use primer or did you sand down the body before applying paint?

After reading a few threads on here I decided to just wash with washing up liquid and then spray it.

I will prob use primer on the next one as I want to give it a white coat before I add the colours. Hopefully that means the water slide decals will stick better that to just the plain white from the white body.

2012.11.07, 10:04 AM
Not a bad effort for your first go Pete. :) Speaking from experience it's a steep learning curve.
I rub a white body with a paint pad,rough side. (they look like the ones for washing dishes lol)
Practice,practice,practice. :)

2012.11.08, 03:25 AM
looking good to me... :D
don't forget to post the finished body...

2012.11.09, 10:19 AM
Step 2 decals

2012.11.10, 03:41 AM
Love your decals!

Do you make them yourself?
How and where and what?

I would love to make my cars a bit more race-like and not just painted.

2012.11.10, 05:25 AM
Yeah I make them myself.

You use a paper called waterside decal paper and just print it out with a laser jet, they also do an ink jet water slide decal paper.

I get the laser water slide decal paper from a uk company called crafty computer paper.

Sure you will find suppliers easy enough.

2012.11.11, 05:22 PM
Thanks for the tip.
Ordering some decal paper now.

2012.11.17, 08:56 AM
Heres the finished R8.

It looks better froma distance so I'd give it a 5/10, I made a few mistakes which I have learnt from so next time will be better.
It on my Mr-03 and I had to do a fair bit of shaving of the front wheel arches to fit the Atomic 21.5mm +3 front wheels. Also fitted a lexan window sprayed with a Tamyia clear smoke rattle can.

I have another R8 and an F1 to do next :)


2012.11.17, 09:28 AM
overall a great job for 1st time with an airbrush. i especially like the decal.

i see i'm not the only one that had to trim the back side of the front wheel arch to clear +2 wheel turn

2012.11.17, 09:41 AM
Thanks Arch.
Yeah I had a far bit to trim, but then I have gone +3 LOL I still get rubbing on the back of the head light unit but then they are the bigger 21.5mm wheels, the next on I might just use the 20mm wheels to save all the shaving.
Have seen pics of Colors R8 with back cut out was wondering if it worth doing?

2012.11.17, 10:34 AM
well, that's debatable and depends really on how much of a purist you are. i prefer not to 'chop shop' my autoscales. i don't mind trimming for performance and clearance but i will not hack a majority of the material off. otherwise, whats the point of purchasing an autoscale if your going to remove large portions of it? i'm admittedly biased in this regard though :rolleyes:

2012.11.17, 10:45 AM
I used to drill holes in the back of my 1/10 saloon shells back in the day, have never done it to mini z though, again like you I'm a purist it has to look like a proper car for me. Liking the rear wing your using which one is it and is it that much more effective than the autos ale one that come with the shell?

2012.11.17, 11:02 AM
that is the reflex lexan wing. is it better than the stock wing? that's just as debatable to be honest. i run it on all my cars so it's just the standard fare for me.

here are some other examples of where i've removed material for performance which are unobtrusive.