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2002.08.07, 06:31 AM
Saw this one too.. Some kind of kit fron Squat so you can adjust the camber-angle on your Z..

Looks interesting, have anyone tried this?

2002.08.07, 06:37 AM
looks confusing :confused:

2002.08.07, 07:21 AM
Cool. I have been looking for one if those.

Gives less understeer and a bit more room under the arches of the body shell.

2002.08.07, 02:02 PM
The best thing ust be that you can have different camber depending on how much of your tires you have worn out.. There use to be insane grip in the beginning and then after a while the grip tends to be less...

Then it would be nice to EASY adjust this whitout changing the knuckels...

2002.08.07, 10:09 PM
Aiya:eek: :eek:

we've all mistaken........
foolish me, never read the package..............

its CASTER, not camber :)

The Thunderer
2002.08.07, 10:24 PM
Well, now that THAT is settled....

Uhh, what's a caster? What's an adjustable caster? LOL.:o :D

2002.08.07, 10:28 PM
Caster is adjusting the angle of the kingpin in this case....

so it looks like / or \ from the side

2002.08.08, 03:02 AM
Saw this one too.. Some kind of kit fron Squat so you can adjust the camber-angle on your Z..

These are on their way...:D

2002.08.08, 03:10 AM
how does adjusting the caster help?

When I watch F1 races I notice that the front tires are slightly angled but how does It help?

2002.08.08, 06:03 AM
Camber tilts the kingpins in towards each other.

Castor tilts them back. Castor gives you increasing camber has the steering moves.

Castor is better because it doesn't wear the tires unevenly, it only applies camber when you need it in the corners and not all the time.

2002.08.15, 11:24 AM
Got my hands on the Castor Kit today, looks quite cool and High-Tech :D

What the poor description on "Japanese" says i have no clue about but iŽll see if i can get it together... :D

I got a decal sheet from Square who looks just awesome to.. Around 400 small decals of various famous brands.....

Im happy today :D

Ken Mifune
2002.08.15, 11:42 AM
Although it should help the front grip better (oversteer), increasing the castor will slow down your steering response but it'll help for straights and high speed runs.

2002.08.15, 04:28 PM
Foto from the hobby show (by Shin)

2002.08.23, 01:30 PM
Maybe im very stupid but i cant get the caster-kit to fit properly, Im not satisfied with the mounting at all...

If someone can translate the text who are on the package i would be very happy.. Its written in a language i dont understand and there are no pictures in the instruction... Just a scrappy pic of it already mounted on a car


2002.08.23, 01:52 PM
Maybe someone have installed this kit and can be able to post some instruction or so... ;)

2002.08.23, 02:02 PM
Well it says that the big piece is the middle plate...........

2002.08.23, 02:04 PM
ehehe nevermind
the only thing i can clearly see on the package are just the contents etc.........

2002.10.02, 12:53 AM
Hey guys, so about this caster kit...

It doesn't adjust any characteristic of the car at all. I have seen it sold as "caster kit" and "adjustable front end kit". I see how it is an adjustable front end kit because you just remove the top plate and can replace the springs very easily. However, That is the only thing different from the stock bulkhead. Unless there is something I am missing, which I'm pretty sure I'm not, this kit doesn't change / affect anything on the car.

I fooled around with it for about 30 minutes and couldn't see how it could possibly change anything. The kingpin holes are exactly where they would be on the stock bulkhead.


** edit: I know someone's gonna ask... that is a dummy servo case, no internals. That's why my steering is all funny. My ESC is getting the internal turbo upgrade done, and the servo is kinda hooked to it! I just wanted to build up this front end kit and see what it was all about. **

2002.10.02, 01:42 AM
i am 99% sure that / \ is camber but i have no idea wat caster is

2002.10.02, 01:55 AM
the two words camber and caster mean the same thing!

2002.10.02, 03:11 AM
camber - looking straight at your car from the front view (with the body off) the wheels will look like / \ meaning the top of the tires are closer to each other than the bottom

caster - looking at your car from the side (car direction ---> or going to the right....) no caster the kingpin is parallel to the ground or I ..... with caster it's tillted towards the left or \

basically the main purpose of each is to attack corners more aggresively... not quite the same, but more or less serves the same purpose.

2002.10.02, 04:14 AM
hermans right.

castor is like dynamic camber, it increases the camber the more steering lock you add.

camber is the same all the time.

in the real world castor is better because it doesn't wear the insides of your tyres.

off road 1/10 buggy use loads of castor

2002.10.02, 06:53 AM
no caster the kingpin is parallel to the ground

You mean perpendicular?

2002.10.02, 09:04 AM
One of castors main functions is to return the steering to center or to help do this look at a caster on a rolling chair when it changes direction it automatically lines up with the direction of travel Caster moves the contact spot forward or behind the pivot point as on a motorcycle. Camber helps to keep as much tire on the ground as possible as the suspension works it counteracts weight and torque as they react with the auto when in motion. A lot goes on while an auto is in motion. Caster, camber and toe are all different but basically work to keep as much of the tires print interacting with the road surface as possible.

El Padre
2002.10.03, 12:38 PM

2002.10.08, 12:37 PM
Ok, so maybe I was wrong.

Mini-Z Admin just got a fax from the Pres. of Squat and it said that there is 3° of fixed caster in this set. I measured as best I could, and it looked like the holes were in the same spot as on the stock bulk head, but I guess not.

So, this product is not mis-labeled in any way. I can't wait to get my ESC back from the FET upgrade to give it a run!!!