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2012.11.12, 09:22 PM
Happy Birthday once again Arch!!!!!!! :D

Time to add another layer! :D

(2007.11.13, 10:56 AM)
Okay, this is getting to be one of those picture in a picture in a picture things:

(2006.11.13, 12:57 PM)

(2003.11.13, 04:23 PM)

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday Arch2B,
Happy Birthday To You!

Everyone please join us in wishing Arch2B, one of our most helpful and productive members, a Happy Birthday!! :D

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and http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23295 ... ) :D


Happy Birthday again Arch!!! :D

Happy Birthday again to a great friend!!! :D

Happy Birthday once again Arch!!!!!!! :D

Posting a few hours early so that our international friends can join in...Happy Birthday Arch!!! :D

2012.11.13, 12:21 AM
Dat quote.

Happy birthday Ray!

2012.11.13, 12:41 AM
happy bday!... :D

2012.11.13, 09:25 AM
Happy birthday arch2b...another year of excellent management of my favorite online place.

Hope it's a good birthday for you

2012.11.13, 11:43 AM
Happy birthday homie!

2012.11.13, 12:58 PM
Happy Birthday Arch!!

2012.11.13, 02:21 PM
One year wiser! Happy B-day dude!

2012.11.13, 03:30 PM
Hey Ray...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope to see you around at some race somewhere.:)

2012.11.13, 05:30 PM
Happy Birthday Ray, from France!

2012.11.13, 06:49 PM
thanks guys :cool: it's been a ruff couple of days at work so this was all a welcome respite from the drudgery of the last couple days.

it turned out to be the mini-z birthday of my life this year! my buddies d+m got me the mad max interceptor autoscale! my kids got me the mini-z tool set! my wife and parents went in together and got me the SP limited edition 2012 yellow chassis set! i don't think i've gotten a collection of stuff this nice even for christmas before:p

well, another year down, another year of practice on the track. maybe in another 10 years i'll be regular a main challenger. it's only taken me 10+ years to be a regular in the b mains.

Mike Keely
2012.11.14, 04:46 PM
Sorry that I am a day late. Happy Birthday Ray!!!

2012.11.15, 12:31 PM
Happy birthday Ray.

2012.11.15, 12:40 PM
thanks :cool:

the tools set is nice! the 1.5mm hex wrench is a fraction bit more loose than say PN or atomic but the #0 phillips is better than Atomic, which is far better than PN's.

i took the board out of the yellow chassis and my hfay and shipping them all to brandon for fet replacement. better to get them all done and the same than worry about it anymore.

i'll start a thread for the yellow chassis. it's going to be my new 90mm setup i think. more on that later.

2012.11.16, 08:05 PM
Sweet presents Ray. :)

2012.11.17, 06:17 AM
pretty cool gifts, its always nice getting gifts that you really like...