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2012.11.13, 03:10 PM
I have a question regarding the special lights that go in the hub of the wheel that light up when you drive.
How exactly do these work? I'm asking because I wonder if I can use them to light up one of my RC quadcopters. If I remember correctly, they have tiny little watch-like batteries and light up when in motion, correct?

I think it would be cool to have four of these, one underneath each rotor of a quadcopter so when your flying at night you see these four light up discs.

2012.11.14, 04:18 AM
i kinda remember those… good idea, dunno if it'll work though… additional weight on rotor, plus the increase in rotating mass, might cause some amount of imbalance… again i could be wrong.… would definitely like to see one if it works though

2012.11.14, 06:34 AM
i doubt the rings are balanced thus not work for a chopper. i would look elsewhere for that.

2012.11.14, 08:39 AM
Can these still be found anywhere for a Mini-z drift racer?