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2012.11.13, 05:00 PM
I know this shouldn't be hard...

But I am having some serious issues with trying to get my foam blanks/donuts glued up to my wheels.

I have tried a few different types of glue & different ways of doing it but I am not getting very good or consistent results.

I am currently trying contact cement.

I apply it to the wheel the carefully slide the blank on over top.
I seem to get varying results with this method.
Some times the edges on the outside don't have glue on them even though I know I applied more than enough. I'm thinking the tire wipes it away during the application. I have tried to reapply some, but without a precision head on the glue, it's tough. I've tried to use a toothpick & it just doesn't seem to work well.
I've also tried using a small dab of CA on those spots with varying results.

I have tried to apply contact cement to the tire & the wheel individually & then allow them to dry.
This had disastrous results.
As soon as the two touched they instantly stuck together.
I figured I could move it, well, I was able to a bit, but not much.
I ended up having to almost rip the two apart and reseat them, but the glue at that point was no longer in place.

I haven't tried to apply contact cement to both the wheel & the tire then try to put them together right away, maybe that could help.
I'm running out of wheels and blanks to test on. :mad:

I've tried to use foam safe CA only, that seemed to kind of work, but it soaks into the edges of the tire and made it hard which changed the way the tire worked. I took a sharp hobby knife And cut the edge off & the tire almost instantly started to peel away from the edges.

I'm ALMOST ready to give up on mounting foams and getting pre-mounted, or... Going rubber! :eek:

Does anyone have suggestions on glue type, mounting practices that work for them?

2012.11.13, 07:12 PM
Contact cement is how the 1/12 boys do it -- and if you use/borrow a PN Tire Gluer you could easily align the tire (no glue yet) and the wheel (cover surface with glue) and then *shoop* it should all slide together in one instant.

I thought, at least, that you only need contact cement on one of two surfaces. It'll buy you more time to adjust the two parts before the cement settles and bonds permanently. With two surfaces glued I've definitely heard that the bond is instant.

Mike Keely
2012.11.13, 10:18 PM
You need to put the glue on both the tire and the rim. Let it dry good and if it needs it put a second layer on the rim and inside of the tire again. You will now need a tire cone. The tire cone has a step on the large part of the cone to center it on the rim. The large end should be a little bit larger then the rim. Once everything is dried for a hour or so you can now put them on the rim. You will also need some laquer thinner. Get a small cup with some laquer thinner in it and dip the rim in it then the tire cone. Set the rim on a rag then put the wet tire cone on the rim. Take a small brush and dip it in the thinner then wet the inside of the foam tire. This all needs to happen very quickly then slide the tire over the cone and onto the rim. Center it quickly because you will only get about ten seconds before it is sets in place.

The main thing that has to happen is that you have enough of a layer of glue so the laquer thinner never softens all of the way through it to let the foam tire wipe the glue off of the rim. Hope this make sense.

2012.11.14, 01:26 PM
How i do it
1 apply contact glue to tyre and wheel
2 let dry for 30 mins
3 wrap wheel with ptfe tape
4 slide tyre over wheel and position
5 gently remove ptfe tape

2012.11.14, 08:38 PM
It's been a while since I glued up foams.
However, when I did, the process was quite simple. :)

1) I used contact cement and placed it on the wheel only.
2) Stretch the tire over the wheel, dropping it onto the the glue as close to where it's supposed to land so as to not "swipe" the glue with the tire. (also decreases glue buildup on the sidewall).
3) Perform the above while the glue is wet so you can adjust the tire's position. If you wait for the glue to set, where it lands is where it stays. (especially it you apply glue to both surfaces and let it set).
4) After the glue dries I go around the edge of the tire with a finger and see if it'll lift at all.
5) Using a needle I dip it in some glue so as to get a small droplet, then, while holding the tire off the rim, I place the glue on the wheel and work it into any unglued areas. Use which ever end of the needle gives the droplet size desired. (many small droplets saves putting glue on the sidewall). Then drop the tire back in place and let the glue dry.
6) Check it again and repeat till the tire's edges are completely glued down.
7) True-em up and enjoy.

I have run my foam's till they're almost paper thin and they're still stuck to the wheel. :D

Perhaps I've been lucky, but it's worked so far. :cool:

2012.11.15, 07:44 AM
Thank you all!

I will keep this thread open.
Please continue all to post your tips & tricks.

I can only hope it will help others.

I THINK one of our club members has the Tire Glueing kit, I'll maybe see about borrowing that.
I'm going to try the PTFE trick as I have some of that I recently borrowed as the truers screws were all moving from the vibration.

Not sure where I would find a tire cone.
I have looked high & low throughout my home to make something, but I didn;t find anything with the appropriate diameters.
I'll continue to look around or maybe hit Home Depot.

Thank you all again for your input!

2012.11.16, 01:33 PM
How i do it
1 apply contact glue to tyre and wheel
2 let dry for 30 mins
3 wrap wheel with ptfe tape
4 slide tyre over wheel and position
5 gently remove ptfe tape

Well reaper, it sounded like it would work! :rolleyes:
As you can see, the PTFE tape sure didn't work for me! :mad:
Maybe I'll use Saran wrap or something different next time...

I'm just getting rather frustrated. :(

Here's what I used.
I made a little stand for the wheel to sit & dry.
It also let any glue that slide down go right to the edge as that was what I wanted.
I let it dry for at least 30-45mins.




I ended up just tossing the donuts & wheels out in utter frustration.


Why does it have to be so HARD!?

The original place that I have been getting the donuts from as they had them in stock locally is: GQ (http://www gqproduct com/MiniONROAD/product/MiniZTire.htm)
They do have pre-mounted ones in white (which COULD be painted) and they can do Chrome or Black if you order 500 of them! :confused:
Just to get a Gauging set directly from them would have cost nearly $120USD. :eek:

I was able to find this place after doing some research: X-Power (http://x-powerrc com/product_list.php?nid=60)

They stock Black pre-mounted foams, So, I ordered a gauging set in as best an offset as I could think would work all around & actually included an AWD gauging set too! It was around 1/3rd the price as the other place and I got a LOT more!

I haven't given up on mounting my own yet, but geez... :D

2012.11.16, 11:37 PM
Man that looks nasty!

2012.11.17, 06:22 AM
Just for sh1ts and giggles, why don't you try R-246 tire tape? the outcome couldn't be any worse and you could at least save the rim.