View Full Version : 246 dds vs pn dds

2012.11.15, 04:34 PM
I'm trying to decide which DDS is the best for my MR-02. New be looking for direction.

2012.11.15, 06:07 PM
I havent used the 246 damper set, but I have always really liked the PN MR2060 with the MR2161 dual spring center shock combo. I like the white fiber damper plate the best as it seems like I can sand it smoother than I can the graphite versions.

I'm sure either would work good though.

2012.11.15, 09:30 PM
I've been looking at your store site can you tell me when the PN motor mounts MR 2295s will be in stock? also what T-bar would you recomend I run on a RCP track.

unearthed name
2012.11.16, 08:10 AM
For RCP, I'll go with reflex racing soft t-bar. If it's PN, no. 4-6 your choice

2012.11.16, 10:38 AM
For the motor mount I sent an email to Brian who runs the store to find out for you. I will post back when I know.

For the T-Bars I alway bought the Kyosho MZW205 multi set. That way I could change and try different T-Plates. I usually like the softer ones though so going something soft is a good idea.

Mike Keely
2012.11.16, 12:48 PM
For the T-bar I like to use the Reflex fiberlass ones. The graphite ones you will need to keep a eye on them. They like to get a little bit of a memory from a hard hit and will have more of a chance of tweeking the car. I also like the soft T-bars. Sometimes the soft fiberglass t-bars will not support the car enough and it will droop in the middle. If you run a top shock or spring you can overcome the droop issue. If you don't run the top shock you will most likely need to run the graphite medium t-bar.

2012.12.05, 09:52 AM
R246 parts are ok. Made by 3 racing for Kyosho. The DDS discs are the worst thing about them, but you can tweak the discs to work better. They're too sloppy to function properly out of the package and depending on your luck, you may or may not induce chatter that will not go away once it's started while your mini-z is going around a turn. You'll wonder why the 28 dollar DDS isn't working when it does. The rest of the setup works well though, just not the discs out of the package.

I'd say use the PN delrin DDS discs instead as they fit tighter, sometimes too tight, so you will have to ream the hole a little bit so they don't bind too much.