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2012.11.16, 01:40 PM

I just installed an RCP track in my warehouse... I made the same layout as the 08 PN World Cup layout... I finnally got the track to lay flat... I am looking for the best body/offset and tire configurations.. i am currently using the Lexus 94mm with PN radial 8's and PN radial 18's i think with +1 offset front and rear.. I have a ton of the old GPM tires as well and they seem to work well.. but i am just curious to see what people are using. I just ordered the A8 body... so i am going to test it later.. (MR-03 chasis with reflex front end and rear end...)

I use a vacuume and simple green to clean the track... traction is good... tend to traction roll alot though. My F1 with the stock motor is running about the same lap times....


2012.11.16, 03:26 PM
I had issues with Simple Green, as a few other RCP owners I know of. Just a good vaccum should be enough, brushes set so they just touch the surface.

unearthed name
2012.11.16, 05:54 PM
Kyosho 20 and 30 is the best combo on my local track

Mike Keely
2012.11.16, 06:40 PM
Can't go wrong with the Kyosho front #30 slicks. The rears you can try a few, the Kyosho rear #20 are good but I feel the PN #7 are a little better and the PN #6 are better then that. The softer you go the faster they wear out.

On your traction role issue, try to get the Krazy glue that comes in a bottle with a brush applicator. Put the Krazy glue on the sidewall of the front tires only. It will make you loose some of your steering but as the car starts to role onto the sidewall the Krazy glue will let it slip a little and stop the traction rolling. If you can lower the front of car it will also help the rolling over. Hope this helps.

Mike Keely
2012.11.16, 06:42 PM
Forgot to tell you welcome to Mini-Z's!

2012.11.16, 11:24 PM
Be careful of using simple green and vaccum when cleaning the RCP track. They may irreversibly alter the traction. Keep in mind the old tires that you have for RCP may have degraded over a long period of time. The only exception is Carpet tires which do not degrade over time. Note that RCP traction may vary depending on age / temp / humidity / majority of tires used and method of cleaning the track and tires.

For New to well kept RCP, try Atomic's inexpensive AR-244-W08 rear tires. These tires are race proven and have won modified classes on RCP. They are lower profile than the competitors' rear tires to help reduce traction roll and tire folding. They grip tight on the rims sometimes I just run them without taping.


2012.11.17, 09:24 AM
at about $6 per set of 4, the price is certainly right. i admit to have never seen these before. at the moment, i think reflex is the only place that has them in stock.