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2012.11.17, 01:19 PM
not sure anyone picked up on this but Kyosho's blog (http://ameblo.jp/kyoshoblog/) includes pictures of the forms used to make autoscales. i don't recall seeing these before so it's cool to see the forms used to make the autoscales we love.

the last time I visited the factory in the midst of making a mold.

Recently, I made ​​the first such a big electrode. Close to the ultra-hard material mold, this occurs by a high voltage spark, and the recessed die, we go carved in the shape of a reverse.

I love the rough, provides an electrode on each part, this time
I will finish the shape spark.

And, such as embedding in the headlight and turn signal, further
fine part, finer finish offers a smaller electrode! !

Each electrode is machined in microns by the CNC,
we carve one mold to align it by the data. Unlike the Model Minute body, so that the impact-resistant, basically the shell portion is integrally formed. So can not be divided into smaller parts, finely divided by electrodes, the spark at the exact position it while being integral, he is making fine molding. In addition, do not you think the recent body is thin? Purabodi making the highest quality that can not be made ​​only by Minute, has been working in the mold shop in China. And I'm also focusing on efforts to reduce the price at the same time. That the price has gone up in recent new product, I'm very sorry. Currently, progress to a new area, the body of the Minutes I think whether it is not easy to get the purchase price back. Please look forward to m (. _.) M , and Mini-Z Moto is information at the end! ! Mr. West Mini-Z Link in Kyoto, I found a video that I enjoy racing with the IC tag to Mini-Z Moto.

2012.11.17, 09:44 PM
Cool, yes, but pictures are too small. :) How can we steal their technology to make our own ASC's if they don't have large enough pictures? :D

2012.11.18, 12:17 AM
Very nice. What I don't understand from the pictures: shouldn't the moulds be hollow?

Have you guys seen the YouTube movie from Carrera where they explain how the body's are painted and tampoprinted?