View Full Version : What are you Thankful for?????

Mike Keely
2012.11.18, 07:53 AM
With Thanksgiving right around the corner for us here in the USA and all of the bashing going on here, I thought it would be good for us to say what we are thankful for. I will start.

Tomorrow is my 24th anniversery and I am very lucky to find someone that can put up with me doing some form of racing all of my life.

2012.11.18, 08:39 AM
My wife and son, my family, my job (at least it's still there!).

Everyone on here, anyone that pushes my racing to the next level! Larry is the one guy that has given me reason to stick with the RC thing around here, it was tough for a while there but he supports our club non-stop! Now that we are getting some of our membership back, he's helping everyone out! I know exactly how he feels too, I would rather give away all of my loaner cars to some dedicated racers than to have them sit and collect dust.

I'm also thankful for carpet... and RCP too! For trophies and for gift certificates as well! ;)

Congrats Mike on the 24 years! I'm only on 2 months!

2012.11.18, 07:44 PM
For my family, health, friends, even my steady job for 34 years that I complain about.:rolleyes:
Always been some kind of hobbies and the Zs are my favorite. The forum and the many racers I've meet over the years are priceless. Ed...thanks buddy! You and the gang got me all race crazy with this whole thing!;):D

2012.11.18, 09:55 PM
Well, I always said if you drove them as much as you customized them, I'd never win a race again! :D

2012.11.18, 10:06 PM
where to begin other than of course family first. then my job of 13 years, which is a miracle in itself that i still have one in this economy. without this job, i wouldn't even have mini-z's or certainly wouldn't still be racing them.

always thankful for a 6" electric car that has managed to give me 11 years of fun, frustration and priceless memories. to think our club started in my basement with maybe 3 people (i've been racing with ian and bill for a very long time now :p ) to what we have today has been nothing short of a blessing. i've had the opportunity to travel a small bit and meet dozens of people from all over. the PA guys will always have a special place in our memories with the various road trips we've made :cool:

also thankful for the countless years i've had sharing this hobby with the world via this forum and others.

2012.11.18, 11:36 PM
You've got PM Ray!

2012.11.19, 04:07 AM
thankful to God for all his wonderful blessings...
- wife and a beautiful daughter...
- for being able to travel and meet wonderful people across the planet (some coincidentally are members of this forum... :D)
- for kyosho's development of this blasted thing called 'mini-z'
- oh and for these forums... :D

2012.11.19, 06:56 AM
in action figure parlance, 'plastic crack' is also an apt description for mini-z :p

2012.11.19, 11:18 AM
Today? The "iron Dome"

2012.11.22, 10:28 AM
I'm thankful for friends and family, and being able to enjoy this hobby when I can. I'm also thankful for not being hurt other than whiplash in a 7 vehicle crash I was involved in on Tuesday on the NJ Turnpike...although my box truck didn't fare as well.
God bless everyone and...